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Sometimes you just got to say, enough already.

So, author_by_night created a list of questions/writing prompts a while ago for anyone who is in a writing slump and is looking for certain inspirations or motivations to write about particular things, or just for anyone who is looking for new memes to do. This is something that I've been meaning to do for a while. I'll not be answering all of them at once, I'll spread them out over a period of time, I'll also not be answering in a particular order and probably not even going to go through all of them. Just picking and choosing the prompts that I find personally find interesting.

What TV, book or movie series would you love to be rebooted, either as a modern take on the series or as an addition to the original series?
This is such a difficult question to answer considering how oversaturated we are with these constant reboots/revivals nowadays, which I find completely unnecessary especially when it's more of just retelling the same story just with an updated cast when the originals were so much better. But in this case, this question is more referring to the actual concept of a reboot a la Doctor Who or Battlestar Galactica instead of just a straight up remake or a revival for nostalgic sake.

The only thing that comes to mind would be Jem and the Holograms. Disregarding the failed 2015 live-action movie that pretty much everyone agrees doesn't exist (as that is literally the epitome of what a bad reboot/remake is right alongside the failed Heathers reboot), there already was a modern reimagining comic series that many really liked, and I feel like it could very well be adapted to a limited television series, most likely once again as a cartoon made by the same original creator, of course. But I can also see there being a modern live-action take as well, if only done faithfully this time underneath, once again, the original creator, or at least having her be a huge part of the production process. I have no idea about casting ideas for that one, but I do know that Kesha as Pizzazz from The Misfits would still be perfect, tbh. Overall, bringing on that 80s resurgence in both aesthetics and sound, along with even the ridiculously outrageous fantastical bits from the original cartoon, that would have some amazing potential in being something wild and awesome. It would not only satisfy the original fans to seeing something done right for the series, but it would also probably attract newer audiences simply for the look and the concept alone and even introduce them to the original cartoon. I could also see it being on a place like Netflix.

Though aside from that, I'm honestly stumped on what else I truly want to be rebooted. Because I can think of some others that could probably work, but I'm afraid that if I put it out into the universe it'll literally come back to bite me in the ass because, again, mainstream media is so obsessed with reboots/remakes that it might happen in the worst possible way. It would have to be 100% guaranteed that it would be handed to those who respect the original work and want to do it justice, but that almost never is the case in these situations, unfortunately.

What TV, book or movie series do you DREAD getting a reboot?
Literally every single one that has already been announced. I'm not even kidding.

Again, we're so oversaturated with reboots/remakes/revivals that just the thought of something getting one fills me with dread. For example: Heathers (which was thankfully canned before it even premiered), Charmed, Roswell, these are things that don't need reboots because the originals are perfect the way they are. Also, why reboot something that was already successful and strongly beloved by many? That's what I don't get. Why not take a chance on rebooting or remaking something that was done poorly from many years ago and give it a second chance by upgrading it to make it good? Why attempt at rebooting something that is already amazing on its own instead of coming up with your own original idea? Basically, it's all just a desperate cashing in on nostalgia that I'm sick and tired of, especially when so many original and unique concepts tend to get overlooked or cancelled in favor of these boring and unimaginative reboots/remakes. Now that's not to say there hasn't been any good reboots in the past, because there have been and I'm not discrediting those that actually did well for themselves in their own right, it's just nowadays it's so overdone that you can tell how little thought actually goes into most of them. It's not about telling a good story, it's only about jumping on the recent trend and using the nostalgia factor in order to make a quick buck. That's it. Just, a whole world of nope.

(And as an addendum rant, I'm especially irked by the whole Charmed reboot the more I read about it because we all know that it'll just end up becoming yet another CWified carbon copy of The Vampire Diaries/The Originals anyway, same with Roswell, and I'm just so frustrated and done.)
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