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Okay. Apparently there are two movies I've seen in the theaters this entire year that have made my emotions crumble and where I start brreaking down into tears. Serenity and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And I literally mean bawling my eyes that good way, of course.

It's just....GOF. Dude. That was, whoa.

Both of these emotionally intense films really shined onscreen; the sheer brilliance behind them to make the emotions so real and make you really feel for each character in their situations, to gasp and to laugh in the appropriate moments --- I love it. This HP film, along with Serenity, are the must-see films of this year by FAR.

Thorough review later. I'm still 'whoa'ing after the first viewing. And listening to my Serenity soundtrack, while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.
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