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Deadpool 2

I finally saw Deadpool 2. Why did I wait so long when I've been excited about this coming out since it was announced? Honestly, just timing and motivation of getting to the theater, really. But I finally watched it, and I'm glad I did. It was precisely what I wanted it to be, absolutely hilarious with all the meta and outrageously violent, but also heartfelt at the same time.

(♡ ♡ ♡)

** I admit that while I intentionally avoided any spoilers for the film, I did accidentally see something beforehand that made me very apprehensive about the movie itself, which was the plot with Vanessa. It did somewhat affect how my mindset was for the film upon seeing it in the theater. However, even though I wished it hadn't happened it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, especially after taking some time to mull over and reflect on the events that took place. Yes, they fridged Vanessa before the opening credits (and even the movie called itself out with those credits), but the trope itself was inverted, and then reversed by the end when Wade ended up saving Vanessa. Granted yes, it was the mid-post-credits scene with him fixing mistakes, but I loved that the first thing he did with the fixed time travelling device was to save the love of his life. I mean, if Cable was able to save his family in the future, why wouldn't Wade do the same thing? Come on, this is Deadpool we're talking about, he's not known for following the rules and would absolutely break the fourth wall to save the woman he loves from a horrible fate that he felt responsible for.

So yeah, I'm hoping that scene itself is canon because I absolutely love Vanessa, I love her and Wade's relationship (which is presented as such a healthy and stable relationship between two people who just get each other, who show how much they love and trust one another, and that is something that you don't see often in media), and quite frankly I want to see her in the next Deadpool movie becoming Copycat, which is her superhero identity in the comics.

** The fact that the trailer for the movie itself was so misleading in terms of the X-Force team being assembled is simply hilarious. Like, the promotional material made it seem like the movie would be focusing on Wade and his new developed superhero team to take on Cable, when in fact they only had, like, less than a few minutes of screentime total in the entirety of the film before they all died from the botched mission that barely even started. Just, lol.

** Except for Domino, who was the best and I love her so much. Everything about her was amazing and spectacular, and I wanted so much more of her in action. I also love her character design, too, especially the fact that they changed her to be a black woman with a vitiligo patch around her eye. Very creative. Also, I think she also has armpit hair, too.

** Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio being girlfriends! ❤ ❤ ❤ Negasonic just outright stating that they're girlfriends and just them being side-by-side practically the whole time, and Yukio being the cutest most precious little thing ever? Can we keep her forever and ever? Can they not only continue to be in these movies, but have their own spin-off, right alongside the X-Force? ❤

** "Hi, Wade!" "Hi, Yukio!" (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

** (Sidenote: I know that there are Funko Pop figures available, mostly for many different versions of Deadpool, but I would love it for there to be Pops for the other characters too. The one for Domino is actually the comic book version, and I would love there to be one for the movie version. Same with Yukio, too, and Vanessa.)

** Can I just talk about how made I love Wade Wilson? Because I love him so much. I mean, aside just loving everything about Deadpool and all his meta glory, I love Wade as a person. Not only is he hunting down sex traffickers in the beginning of the film (and creepy assholes in the first film), but also he recognizes when someone is being abused (since he, himself, had an abusive childhood) and also kills pedophiles. He also tries to help a kid who has anger issues due to his abuse by talking him down from being destructive, knowing that he can be turned around. Also, on top of that, he was so riddled with guilt and blamed himself for what happened with Vanessa that he basically went into such a deep depression and wanted nothing more than to die in order to see her again, but due to his abilities he is unkillable so he could only get a glimpse of her, however once presented with the opportunity to save her by going back in time he takes full advantage of that because he loves her so fucking much. Like, this is so much more to Wade than simply being a sarcastic meta-filled character, there are layers to him which are present in both films, but these particular points are really solidified in this film for sure. I just love Deadpool/Wade Wilson, period.

** Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable was probably the best casting choice. He stole pretty much every single scene he was in. His character design was also just magnificent. I loved every interaction he had with Deadpool, I loved his action scenes, I loved his first appearance that mirrored precisely what happened with Wade and Vanessa which made the whole thing come together on why they connected with each other despite being antagonistic with each other at first, I loved the ending with him feeling so damn guilty about Wade dying that he went back in time to fix it even though it meant that he couldn't get back to his wife and child in the future. I just love the whole dynamic between them, and I really want so much more.

** Someone else already stated this, but Deadpool 2 had so much inclusiveness featured, and it truly did. Deadpool himself is pansexual (not explicitly stated, but it is shown through him being in love with Vanessa while also having flirtatious moments with Colossus and Cable, and he loves being pegged by Vanessa which I absolutely adored hearing that he wanted her to use the strap-on), we have an interracial LGBT couple with Negasonic/Yukio, X-Force having a lot of diverse people involved, Domino is a black woman with vitiligo, Russell being an overweight mutant/superhero kid, and probably other things I'm forgetting but that's legit quite a handful. It's just nice to have certain things visible in such a nonchalant manner but still have the representation matter, if that makes sense. It's not perfect by any means, but it's better than how most movies are doing.

** If the MCU and X-Men jabs weren't enough, we had the cameos which made it even more hilarious. First, with some of the cast of the X-Men films, and then the reveal of Brad Pitt as the Vanisher. And apparently Alan Tudyk was in this film, as well? I saw his name in the credits but I somehow missed him, lol. And SURPRISE!JUGGARNAUT was such a shock for me, tbh.

** Plus, Deadpool in the "X-Men trainee" crop top? Being on a stripper pole in high heels? Yes.

** There's so many golden moments that I've definitely forgotten, because it was a lot that went by so fast that it's hard to even process what I even seen much less remembered. But it was super fun, nonetheless.

Overall: This was a really enjoyable film. The humor and jokes were hilarious, I was laughing so much at all the meta and everything, because this is Deadpool and I was expecting it. But the moment the opening shot was the Wolverine toy being impaled by a spike to tie-in with Logan, I was immediately gone. Much like with the first film, this had a balance with being off-the-walls ridiculous and hilarious along with the serious tone. I was laughing at the opening scene and everything that transpired, but then came the heartbreak that led into the opening credits. It seemed like such a mood whiplash at moments, a combination of laughing at the jokes to having your heart tugged. It was a mood whiplash at times, but it was never a dull moment.

While I do prefer the first film a bit more for the simplicity of the lower budget and the straightforward plot (Wade becoming Deadpool and getting revenge on Francis), I also really liked and enjoyed the sequel. I honestly think what happened with Vanessa was my only hangup with the film that initially kind of messed with my perception a bit, but with that post-credits scene I really do need to see the movie again to kind of really get a better feel for it as a whole.

TLDR; I love Deadpool. ❤
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