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Be the change you wish to see.

++ There's now a new update from the Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency petition to request a third season from Hulu. I don't know what spurred this update, possibly because other shows have been getting saved by other means, so perhaps this was something to take a chance on. Again, nothing is guaranteed, but we've seen small miracles happen before so who knows what might come of this, if anything at all. So go ye forth and sign and spread it around, if you're so inclined.

++ Dear White People has been renewed for a third season, which is awesome. I've actually just gotten into this Netflix show, which I'll be talking about sometime in the near future.

++ The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas has been the most talked about book since last year, and has now been adapted into a feature film starring Amandla Stenberg. There's a good reason why this has been highly anticipated, since the story focuses on the prejudices and racial discrimination against black people here in America, especially in regards to police brutality. It's a very serious subject matter that is still an ongoing issue today, and having a story like this is incredibly important to tell. I haven't read the book yet, though it's been on my list of things I need to get to soon, but already the trailer for the movie looks powerful and emotional.

++ We have to first teaser trailer for Dumbo. I don't really have much to say on it, to be honest. These live-action adaptations of Disney animated films tend to be a hit-or-miss for me, and my dislike for Tim Burton doesn't really help either. Honestly, I'm mostly here for Colin Farrell, since his character seems to be the most interesting to me based on his description alone.

++ An important announcement was recently made in regards to the future of Critical Role, which basically is just that they have their own studio now! Before everything was being hosted at the Geek & Sundry studio, which is basically where they've been streaming since they first debuted years ago. Since everything they do is owned by them, their entire brand is basically just, well, them as they are playing the game as they normally would back home, it makes sense that they would want to have their own space where they can do whatever they want. I'm very happy for them because, while they got their start on G&S, it makes sense for them to move forward in this way especially since the community has gotten much bigger than they ever imagined. So, I'm very excited about where this could potentially go, what they have planned for future content, etc.
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