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Just a little peevish.

Taken from author_by_night's list of writing prompts:

List five pet peeves.

Pretty simple enough, though I'm dividing this into two separate categories. One is for real life pet peeves, the other is for fandom-related pet peeves.

Real Life/General Pet Peeves

01. Pushy drivers who get irrationally angry when you don't automatically turn right on red. Here in the US we drive on the righthand side of the road, which means the majority of the time you can turn right on a red light into merging traffic, when it is safe, of course. It's not a mandatory rule, it's by your own discretion. However, needless to say this doesn't mean people won't be assholes about it when you don't immediately turn when they think the coast is clear when I'm the one looking and deciding whether it's safe to go or not. They'll impatiently honk at you, even go so far as try to inch closer to your car as if to make "a point" that you need to go. Like, yeah, I see your exaggerated facial expressions in my rearview mirror and I'm sorry you can't patiently wait another fucking minute before the light turns green, but I'm trying to be cautious and safe and you being an asshole just ups my anxiety levels even more, jfc.

02. People who don't turn off lights when they're not in the room. Just, y'know, conserve energy and don't waste electricity because that costs money and shit. It's not that difficult to turn off the light switch when you leave the room. The same goes for not closing doors/cabinets/drawers/etc. I understand being forgetful, since I do this sometimes too, but consistently being forgetful is annoying and rather inconsiderate.

03. People thinking it's okay to ask personal, invasive questions. As in the "are you married yet?" and "do you have children yet?" types of questions. Sadly, this is considered "small talk" among society (something I already hate in general), but it honestly peeves me that not only do certain people not understand how none of this is their business, they also act incredibly offended when you decline to answer or give a curt response. Like, how is my personal life something you need to know? This is especially irritating because even when you give a brief answer they follow-up with more personal questions. Just, please leave me alone.

04. "Long time lurker, first time poster." I cringe anytime I see this being written on any kind of online forum or advice column. I don't know why, but it sounds so cheesy.

05. Elitists and snobs in general. This can be for anything: movies, television, music, books, fashion, education, etc. Basically anyone who thinks that they are superior and look down on others for being lesser than because they don't like what they like or do what they think should be done. The biggest one for me is education, because while everyone has a preference for media (some exclaiming theirs louder than others), the sense of entitlement when it comes to education bothers me even more. Not everyone is able to get a higher education, hell not everyone is able to finish high school, not everyone is able to get their diplomas or even get a degree. Thinking lesser of someone who doesn't follow that particular path doesn't make you better, it makes you an asshole.

Fandom Pet Peeves

01. Abusing the tagging system on AO3. I feel like this is 100% due to Tumblr, where tag conversations are considered the normal way of writing out your thoughts on your blog and posts. However, on any other site outside of Tumblr this is rather disruptive, not only since tagging systems aren't infinite, but also tagging isn't meant for your personal thoughts or conversations but for organization. I don't mind the single tag or two that is just a sentence, but when people go overboard with adding tags about their personal feelings/thoughts it's like, why not just write that in the summary or within the post itself? It makes no sense and it bothers me to the point where I won't even read the fic. This is something that certain people need to learn about understanding your surroundings. You're not on Tumblr, you're on another site that has its own way of operating, especially with their tagging system, so it's best to adjust and act accordingly.

02. Fandom purity culture. I could do an entire post ranting about this, honestly. As someone who has been actively involved with fandom for a long, long time now, everything surrounding the current state of fandom (mostly on Tumblr since this toxicity started from there and it has since started to infect into other places as well) just gives me a headache. The lack of critical thinking, not minding your own fucking business, the failure to understand that what you dislike someone else might like and that's okay, and just the overall aspect of trying to "outwoke" each other in some strange morality superiority complex is so completely juvenile and ridiculous.

03. Entitled fans who don't understand boundaries and tact. Since the growing popularity of fandom in pop culture in recent years, the boundary line between keeping fandom things within the fandom have started to blur. Fans are now able to interact directly to their favorite actor or creator, which can be great for the most part, but sometimes you get really demanding fans who show their gross sense of entitlement. Whether it's on social media or at conventions, they end up throwing respect out the window and decide to badger them at panels or harass them on Twitter only to validate their own interests and needs, thinking that these actors/celebrities/creators "owe" them something, and it's absolutely appalling. It paints a bad picture of fandom as a whole.

04. Shipping wars. For anyone in fandom, shipping wars are probably the biggest pet peeve of all because it's just so nonsensical. Who cares who ships who? How does it affect your life? You're not going to change that person's mind on their shipping preferences, and they're not going to change yours. So why bother? What is the point? It's, again, the entitlement of certain fans who just need something to be angry about. Yes, there are ships that I don't like, don't understand, or even outright hate, but I'm not going to hate on anyone who ships them. Why? Because I'm not an asshole. Ship and let ship. Fandom should go back to practicing this instead of fighting over which ship is the "purest" or "less toxic", as if that was ever the purpose of shipping in the first place.

05. Less metas, more fandom wanks. Granted, "fandom wank" has now become "discourse" over on the Tumblr side of fandom (which should be referred to as "fandom wank" because that's what it is, though I digress), but the statement still stands that there seems to be less metas or places for discussion about anything fandom-related and more just people screaming into a void. That doesn't mean there still isn't some fascinating pieces of metas and written essays to be found, it's just often overshadowed by other things in fandom nowadays, and sometimes even hijacked by people who want to derail the actual conversation. That part especially ticks me off.
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