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Sense8: What Could Have Been and Predictions of a Hypothetical Future

Since the finale special of Sense8, it has left me with wanting and aching for more. That's what happens when a show gets cancelled, even if they get the chance to do a special to wrap things up there's still so many places of where the story could've gone and it did leave us with there being a kind of open ending, in a way. So I decided to make a list of things that I wished had happened had we gotten a proper third season like we should've, or, if we somehow do end up getting another season that takes place directly where the special finale left off on what happened afterwards and the possible future of where the story would've taken up. Just for my own fun and enjoyment, really, because this show meant so much to me.

(♡ ♡ ♡)

→ One of our main characters giving birth to another cluster. I feel like this would have eventually led to this at some point, since not only did the series begin with Angelica giving birth to their cluster but we also learn that Sensates of any gender can give multiple cluster births at any point of their lives, and we recently learned that Angelica knew that she was to give another cluster birth. So the idea that one of our main eight was to give birth to a cluster of their own probably would have been the next step, probably later on had the show continued, possibly during the true series finale of their original planned five seasons. There are some speculations on who this would've been, and I, personally, believe that the most likely person would've been Riley considering her backstory and the parallel between her and Angelica. Though I can honestly see any one of them giving birth.

→ Further developing of Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan. As someone who absolutely loved the way they handled resolving the love triangle in the finale special by making this into a polyamorous relationship, I definitely would love more time to see it grow and develop stronger. I actually 100% believe that this was probably intended to be a slow burn endgame had the series continued as intended, since in retrospect it makes the most sense when you think about it, but if we were to have a third season going off from the special I would love to see more of this relationship between the three of them grow and develop more. I want to see the conversations surrounding their relationship, kind if acknowledgment that they know what they're getting themselves into, of them dealing with the reality that it will not be easy particularly with both Kala and Rajan's respective families who might not quite understand, but they'll make it work nonetheless. I want to see them work together as a throuple, Wolfgang teaching Rajan how to fight, Kala furthering her knowledge and her experience with being a Sensate with Rajan, Rajan being super supportive and understanding of both, eager to learn and offering his help in whatever situation they end up in next along with his growing appreciation and attraction to Wolfgang. Just, so much more of these three together. We only barely scratched the surface of what this could potentially become later on, and seeing them work together similarly to how Lito/Hernando/Dani work together as a poly family would be awesome.

→ Meeting more clusters. Obviously this was a given, since the series was gradually leading up to our main cluster meeting other Sensates out there. We were introduced to this since the very beginning, and got a taste of other clusters in the second season and then in the finale special, particularly with the archipelago. Had the show gone on as planned we would've seen them not only meeting other clusters but also coming together, uniting as one to take down Whispers and BPO. The finale special rushed this aspect, though, which is understandable. However, just because Whispers/BPO has been defeated doesn't mean that there can't be conflict within other clusters. Plus, it would've been fascinating to just see other clusters in general.

→ More orgy/love scenes. Listen, as someone who often feels uncomfortable with most sex scenes featured in mainstream media because they're either too cringey or awkward as hell (and lbr, very male gazey), the sex scenes in Sense8 were quite the opposite since it wasn't filmed in an exploitative or tantalizing way, but instead done in a respectful and artful manner. Every sex sequence felt like a beautiful masterpiece, like a Renaissance painting come to life, from the cinematography to the music. So just imagine having so many more with other emotional connections they have with each other, whether in orgy scenes or individual couple sequences.

→ More visiting in person along with visiting mentally. It's honestly very sad that we didn't get as much time with them meeting in person as we should have, since that was clearly the next step after the S2 finale with its cliffhanger, and then the special where we see them actually together. I love the concept of them living temporarily together, which was both funny and fascinating to see them all seeing each other as well as visiting from different rooms. But I still would have liked to have seen them actually meeting for the first time in person, which is something I'm still bummed we didn't get. Regardless, now that they have met in person, along with meeting each other's respective friends and family, I can imagine them continuing to meet in person, traveling to each other's countries, visiting their homes and being welcomed there, etc. Like yes, they are able to do all of that while mentally visiting each other, but this would be the next step, as I'm sure other clusters probably did the same eventually, as well.

→ More of The Mother/The Lacuna. This was only briefly touched on in the special, and though while some fans found it pointless (outside of revealing that The Mother was Whispers mother), it left me with so many questions in regards to everything in relation to homo sensoriums and the ultimate connection they all have in general, especially since they can visit any Sensate without having met them. There's clearly so much more that the Wachowskis wanted to reveal with this, and only have a limited amount of time in the finale. My guess is that The Lacuna would have been introduced in the third season, and probably dealt with Whispers during that time as well, and the restoring of what BPO originally started as from then on. But as it stands, I think that continuing from the special we would have more exploration of The Lacuna and a better understanding on what it is, etc.

→ Gathering more non-Sensate allies. Of course we have some of their respective friends, family, and loved ones now in the know of who they are and the concept of being homo sensorium, all which work together to help in way they can (like, imagine the badass team-up with Hernando, Amanita, Rajan, Dani, Diego and Mun), so it's inevitable that they would somehow make more non-Sensate allies along the way. Whether it's people they know or people they meet along the way.

→ More weddings! Or, just more adorable things with the canon relationships as possible. Nomi/Amanita had their wedding in the special, something that we were promised to get because they proposed to each other in the S2 finale and it would be awful if we never got to actually see that. So far, all the other canon relationships seem pretty damn content and happy with each other, but I would have loved to see more weddings or official moments of them being exclusively happy. Sense8 is one of the only fandoms out there that I ship practically every single canon pairing, so I'm just a happy bunny regardless as long as we got more time with them.

→ Capheus and the politics storyline. I do believe that Capheus would've won the election, but I also believe that his troubles would be far from over. He would have to further prove himself to be worthy of the position he's in, from the people as well as those in the political world, and he would no doubt face conflict with others who want to further challenge him. This would make for a great storyline of Capheus wanting to be different from other politicians, and he would do some serious self-reflection on what this means for his future. It would have been a fascinating storyline to explore how a normal person ends up getting into politics to change their community, and possibly the world, for the better, and resisting the unethical practices that happens in politics, because that's what Sense8 is essentially about, finding hope and optimism in dark and depressing times. I also want to believe that, given his new position, Capheus would have gotten his mother the medical help she needed, because of course he would.

→ Sun Bak clearing her name and taking back her father's business. I already mentioned this previously, but to reiterate I truly believe that we would have seen so much more of Sun Bak clearing her name after the events that occurred in the S2 finale. I do think it would have played out somewhat like it did in the special, Mun recovering from his injuries and quickly returning back to work, Sun and Mun joining together a bit later, but it would've been more spread out and I think we would have had them joining together to finally take down her brother once and for all instead of meeting in Paris. Granted, the S2 finale was satisfactory enough with her confrontation and denouncing him as her brother, kind of proving to him that nothing will stop her, but I did want at least something more in terms of justice after everything he had done and everything Sun was put through because of him. So, if we're going by after the events of the special, I would love to see how Sun ends up going back to Seoul and having her name cleared after everything that happened. I can even foresee her taking back her father's company, but re-purposing it from what her brother tried to do, and becoming the successful businesswoman that she was meant to be. Mun, still being a detective, being right alongside her with those hearteyes of his and they would end up working together, not just with business stuff but also with Sensate stuff, as well.

→ Becoming part of the Archipelago. Riley became part of this during the special out of necessity, so I imagine that this would definitely have happened had the series gone on, just a bit more explored. It's no doubt that the Archipelago would have become way more involved in the future, and quite useful for the main characters for whatever they faced next. And just like with The Lacuna, it's just so fascinating.

I just really love this show, okay? I miss it so much and I want so much more content.
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