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If the Apocalypse comes...

It was announced recently that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being rebooted, much to everyone's dismay. After taking some time to digest this news, I needed to express my further thoughts and opinions on the matter.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I was extremely unhappy when I read this announcement. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was probably the longest show I watched as a young teenager that I stuck with until the very end, it was a huge part of my formative years when it was airing and was deeply inspirational to me with its feminist message, and the entire series itself is still being celebrated twenty-one years after it first premiered, with still so many newcomers getting introduced to it to this day. The series is also considered one of the biggest pop cultural phenomenons during the late 90s/early 00s right alongside Harry Potter, it was hugely influential and groundbreaking to the point where it paved the way for other things in the media many years later. Because of its popularity and legacy that is still recognized there is no need for a remake. That would be lazy as fuck, which is what most reboots generally are these days, let's be real.

Look, I have absolutely no problem with having more inclusion, that is something I want for everything in media across the board, including this universe. But you can do that without remaking it. This person makes excellent points by explaining why this is a bad idea.

I wouldn't mind there being a reboot of the universe as a means of expanding upon it, which is what fans have been wanting ever since the concept of a Faith or Giles spin-off was talked about many, many years ago (that sadly never came to pass). Fans want more material on the screen of this universe, we want spin-offs and different stories being told because the mythology and lore is so rich and vast and fascinating enough to extend and explore. You can focus on Slayers from the past, the Potential Slayers that eventually became Slayers after the S7 series finale, there are just so many different directions and possibilities to go from there that is already in established canon. I mean, the entire lore of the show was basically, "into every generation a Slayer is born", which means that the options for exploration are endless in that regard. Have a story about a Slayer during the 1920s, or focus on a Potential Slayer training to becoming a Slayer until her time is called and she has to take on this massive responsibility, have it be set in present day or in the near future where there are multiple Slayers about and focus on one of them as they meet up with other Slayers and team up together to fight evil, hell even something where Buffy herself is considered a legend among the Slayer grapevine. Don't just limit it to the United States, either, show Slayers from other countries and cultures, different backgrounds and experiences, their own mythologies and lores and traditions to take down vampires and other paranormal beings, etc.

Basically, you can still continue the narrative by having it be focused on other characters and on different aspects of the already existing canon and lore of that universe. There is no need to remake anything. Buffy Summers already had her story told. It's time for another character to take the spotlight and have her journey begin.

This is, of course, assuming that the news of this reboot means that they are following the current reboot trend of remaking everything in existence. The original article which announces this doesn't make it clear whether this is an intended remake of the show entirely, or if this is just properly rebooting the franchise to continue telling more stories in, leaving Buffy and Co. alone while being original in its content. We need further clarification on this. If it's the former, it's still in the early stages that the fan outrage and backlash will hopefully make whoever is doing this to reconsider their approach and perhaps go with the latter route, which is the only option that is preferable.

Bottomline: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is iconic and memorable for many reasons, you cannot recreate it nor should you ever attempt to. It's practically untouchable as it should always be, tyvm. Also, yes, I know I can just ignore the reboot and watch the original, as I do with most things, but that's not the point anymore. It's the principle of the matter where we live in a current pop culture fatigue where reboots/remakes/revivals are overshadowing new and original storytelling ideas and we, the audience who are subjected to this mess, are sick and tired of it.
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