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When you fail at perception checks...

++ Apparently it's been clarified that Buffy the Vampire Slayer will not be remade. While that's great and all, I'm just wondering why this wasn't initially stated during the original announcement? It would have saved us all this anger and grief. Furthermore, this new statement is just as vague as the first one, and I have to be honest I'm still not entirely trusting of anything at this point. In an age where remakes/reboots are unfortunately dominating everything in media, we need something more direct and straightforward with a project like this instead of merely dancing around the subject, meaning we need more clarification and information on what their exact intentions are. Basically, they'll have to work pretty hard to prove that they're not bullshitting us. As for right now, I'm still remaining wary and apprehensive about this whole thing until we get more details.

++ So, about Wynonna Earp: That was some bullshit right there, and one that I don't think I can get past. Even if the actor wanted to leave the show for whatever reason, killing off his character was the laziest motherfucking thing ever, it was not only unacceptable but also disrespectful to the memory of Dolls and to the actor who clearly wanted to do more with the character but, of course, the show cared more about the white male character than they did about a black man and the potential of his storyline which went completely ignored after the first season. It seemed pretty clear he wanted more from his character (something we all wanted, from his backstory of how he got into Black Badge, his family and history there, to him being a dragon, along with his feelings regarding Wynonna which is now all going to be frustratingly unresolved) but when it seemed that it wasn't going to happen he decided to leave on his own terms, which is sad and disappointing but I respect, but clearly y'all didn't respect him enough to give him any decent sendoff that didn't end in Dolls dying, which literally came out of nowhere. There is nothing that infuriates me more than lazy writing where they basically kill of characters when there are other options of not having the character be present when the actor is absent, not to mention the mistreatment of POC actors/characters who often get sidelined in the shows they're in, often in favor of white characters. It's fucked up bullshit. Shamier Anderson deserved better, Xavier Dolls deserved better.

(Keep in mind I'm not blaming the actor who plays Doc or even Doc himself, I'm blaming the writers for not focusing on actually writing and exploring all the characters equally, including Dolls who had so much potential with his storyline and arc that we were given since the first season and we were all waiting for something, anything, to be shown of him, but it went completely ignored; I'm also blaming certain factions of the fandom for dismissing Dolls since some preferred the Doc/Wynonna dynamic more and thought Dolls was an "obstacle", just fuck off with y'all.)

It seems that Emily Andras has learned nothing since Lost Girl, and I was a damn fool for believing that she would. She's still recycling the same bullshit she did there, taking a very interesting show that has potential and running it into the ground with useless, pointless decisions. So, I think I'm done with Wynonna Earp. It's sad to say because Wynonna, as a character, is awesome and my girl and I love Melanie's face, plus I was actually excited about the third season not too long ago, but this was so unforgivable that I don't think I'll be able to continue watching. Dolls was a character I loved and wanted to know more of, but the show never delivered and in the end decided, actor leaving or not, it was easier to kill him off than actually want to have anything to do with him. That lack of respect is something that I'm just not comfortable with, tbh.

++ In other news, we have the official Castlevania season two trailer and it looks absolutely amazing. If you haven't watched the first season, I highly recommend you should. It's only four episodes, each half and hour, and not only is the animation smooth and gorgeous but the story is very intriguing, not to mention dark and gorey. The second season will have eight episodes and, just from the looks of it, will be just as gruesome as the first, if not more, and I can't wait.

++ Terry Crews has appeared on the latest episode of CelebriD&D, a webseries on Geek & Sundry where celebrity guests who are fans of Dungeons & Dragons or other MMORPG games play a special one-shot game with the lovely DM, Matt Mercer. I think it's really cool that this series focuses on actors and celebrities that have a love of D&D, something that often gets overlooked in their careers unless they talk about it constantly in interviews and such, because it shows that people have always been geeky about these things, it's just that now since it's become more socially acceptable and mainstream to like geeky hobbies they're more likely to be open about their love of it. Vin Diesel is notorious for this, as is Joe Manganiello who is a massive D&D nerd (has guested both on this series and on Critical Role as his own created character), plus so many others. I love that it continues to normalize the fact that hey, celebrities are just like us, they love geeky nerdy shit just like we do and given the opportunity they will gush about it.

For those curious, I highly recommend watching this Terry Crews episode when you have the time, considering it's about two-and-a-half hours long. But it's so worth it. It's utterly delightful watching him just have so much fun, as it is with anyone who guests on this series. It's just a bunch of actors and voice actors playing together and having fun, that's basically the appeal of these kinds of games and watching others play. Though I wish that Terry would guest on a one-shot for the second campaign of Critical Role. Terry of the Nine-Nine teaming up with The Mighty Nein!
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