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All of this has happened before....

++ We have our first look at Liu Yifei as Mulan in the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation. She looks incredible. As for the movie itself, aside from a few things that I'm slightly wary about, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the final product. I know that there's been a lot of controversy surrounding the changes made, but honestly, it doesn't really bother me that much. I much prefer slight deviations from their animated counterparts, because it allows more creative freedom to try something new to enhance the story while still maintaining the magic of the experience. Overall, I'm reserving judgment until we see more of what this film is going to bring.

++ Joe Manganiello talks Dungeons & Dragons with Stephen Colbert for ten minutes straight, and it's such a beautiful thing to witness. I mostly know Joe through his guest appearances on Critical Role where he appeared in the last half of their first campaign, and seeing him publicly geek out about his D&D obsession outside of that realm is pretty phenomenal. He even has a special streetwear merch website that just launched, "Death Saves", which is combining D&D (death saving throws) and death metal, which he introduced at this year's SDCC.

++ For those of you on Tumblr, you might have noticed that there's a particular kerfuffle going around surrounding the recent automated mass deletions of specific blogs. Here is a summarized post explaining everything including how to stay safe, but basically, there has been a recent crackdown of postings featuring edited copyrighted photographs of celebrities (paparazzi candid pics, set pics, red carpet events, etc) and Tumblr is basically purging not just fan-dedicated blogs but also personal accounts, too, if you have made edited said pictures. Many fandom and actor/celebrity-specific blogs that have such edits or pictures have been targeted and terminated without warning. Needless to say, this is causing a lot of problems for obvious reasons.

Much like with the LJ Strikethrough of '07, this Mass Tumblr Purge of 2K18 has many people on edge of what this means for the future, since this most likely won't be a one time thing, not the mention many are unhappy with the way Tumblr has been handling the situation. As a result, some are thinking about migrating to Pillowfort, a new upcoming platform that is claiming to be a better alternative for those on Tumblr to control the kind of blogging experience they want to have. However, I fear that, like with many attempts at alternative blogging sites such Imzy (that failed) and Inkstand (which was a scam), it'll have initial excitement at first but then quickly fizzle out. Tumblr may be a cesspool of immaturity and toxic mentalities most of the time, but it is the main place for fandom activity. The sad reality is that there will never be a singular main fandom hub for everyone to be in entirely, and the more platforms made the more fragmented fandom will be.
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