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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BtVS), Wonderfalls, VMars, HP

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday! Hope everyone had a wonderful day filled without family gatherings, turkey and sparkling cider, or what-have-you for your evening feast. Be thankful and grateful for things in your life, even though you should really be grateful all the days of the year, hopefully everyone expressed their love and joy on this particular day of all days. Cheers!

-♠- Fruity Oaty Bars: The Firefly Talk podcast has released their sixth episode where they have their first official interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido, the author of the Serenity novelization, along with other goodies. Subliminal messages not included.

-♠- Inanimate Objects Are Talking To Me!: Anyone remember Wonderfalls? Well, if you don't or if it's still fuzzy in your memory, the LOGO cable channel will be showing an entire marathon of Wonderfalls starring Caroline Dhavernas as the main character, Jaye Tyler. Also, Jewel Staite (a.k.a. Kaylee Frye from Firefly/Serenity) is guest-starring in one of the episodes that will be shown. Shiny? Most definitely.

-♠- Cordelia And Willow Do Veronica: Kristin from E!Online has the latest interviews with the cast of VMars, that also include Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter talking about their roles on the show. There's also Jason Dohring's interview discussing the sex scenes with Charisma's character, Kendall. Juicy details, but also somewhat spoilerish. So if you want to remain spoiler-free do not proceed any further.

-♠- Potter All Grown Up: It's been reported that Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter films, will be appearing as a cameo on the series 'Extras', a BBC comedy show that also airs on HBO. Daniel is also currently filming December Boys, his first official film aside from the Potter movies. On a similar note for another rising starlet of the HP-films, Katie Leung (Cho Chang in GoF) is apparently a hit in China. Yay! I'm so proud of her, despite the morons with no decency whatsoever for insulting the Miss Katie Leung because of her ethnicity and her chosen role in the film, from her interviews and coy charm she seems like such a sweet individual. And, most of all, incredibly adorable! Congrats to her and her rising success, and hopefully she'll be signed on for the fifth HP movie. [Thanks to taradiane for the 'Extras' information]

-♠- Mighty Fine Shindig: Firefly Costume Auction is a website for the costume designer Shawna Trpcic, who is now auctioning off her private collection of Firefly-made costumes. Note: These aren't replicas, these are indeed the REAL costumes worn by our Big Damn Heroes. And, personally, I would sell my soul to have Inara's gown from 'Shindig'. Like, seriously. $2500 is a little too much, but DUDE! Ultimate shiny.

Have a shiny Thanksgiving evening, and I shall be drinking my Sparkling Cidar while figuring out how to cure this pounding headache. Now, some wise words about this holiday by our lovely and favorite ex-demon:

Anya: To commemorate a past event, you kill and eat an animal. It's a ritual sacrifice, with pie.
BtVS S4, "Pangs"
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