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Go into a room too fast, kid...the room eats you.

++ It looks like American Gods is have a lot of production problems, as it seems they've lost their second showrunner. Fans are worried what this means for the future of the show, whether the second season will even premiere at all given all the delays and rewrites and whatnot happening. Basically, it's turned into a massive clusterfuck that it's really sad that, after a brilliant and innovative first season that got so much well-deserved attention and praise, it's going to go downhill rather fast due to all this production kerfuffle. Also, it's been clarified that Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were actually fired from the show rather than leaving of their own volition as it was originally reported. And it seems like the now former new showrunner got the same treatment, as well. I don't know what's going on, I've been reading different reports on what is happening so I'm getting conflicting information on specific details, but overall it doesn't look good. :/

++ Another shakeup that has happened is that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will no longer be playing Batman and Superman in the DCEU. I'll admit to not really having much of an opinion on either of them since I don't really care about the DCEU except for Wonder Woman, but there's no doubt that the DCEU as a whole has been incredibly messy and this doesn't really help matters, either. Are they going to recast the roles entirely? Focus on different characters? Who knows at this point. Just as long as they keep Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I'm good, imho.

++ The fall schedule for television is starting back up again, and while I have several returning shows that I'm excited about, I've seen absolutely nothing intriguing of anything new. Most things are either unnecessary revivals/reboots or shows that sound unappealing to me. Which is strange, since usually there's at least one or two that seem interesting.
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