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Oh Monday, you move too slow.

++ Iron Fist has been cancelled, the first of the Netflix Marvel lineup to get canned. I'm not entirely surprised, to be honest. I never watched because I just didn't care for it, but from what I've read in comparison to the other shows, it was considered the weakest, right alongside The Defenders.

But this has led many people worried since this may seem like a decision influenced by the new Disney streaming service that will be taking over soon. At least, those are the speculations that I've been reading, nothing has been confirmed, to my knowledge, that this was the actual reason. Although, I have frequently wondered about the longevity of the Netflix Marvel lineup as a whole, because while they have their individual shows they do all interconnect with each other. How many seasons are they planning on having for each show? Do they have a plan for what the endgame might be for them all down the road? If one ends up getting cancelled does that mean that the characters will appear in one of the other ones, since they know each other? Or even start another new series, for example people are speculating that they might do this with creating Heroes For Hire and Daughters of the Dragon, but who knows if that'll actually work. I know that it's been mentioned that The Defenders most likely won't have a second season, since it seemed like a limited series anyway, but if all of the shows are to end at some point I would rather them all kind of coming together again for one last hurrah, y'know?

I honestly don't know. Aside from the uncertainty for the future of these shows in the long run, there's just lot happening with this "streaming wars" nonsense that I just don't like in general.

++ Other television news: the Good Omens miniseries trailer dropped and honestly, I'm not feeling it. I read the book and I enjoyed it, but the casting for both Crowley and Aziraphale bugs me a lot. They're not how I envisioned the characters at all. I remember seeing the promo pictures when they were released and hated the character designs, and seeing the trailer makes me even more unimpressed. So, I don't think I'll be watching, which apparently Neil Gaiman has reminded us that was completely okay. The trailer for American Gods S2 also came out which, with all the news surrounding its production troubles, I'm rather apprehensive about. It won't come until next year, so we'll see what happens, or if this might be the end of the show after the season premieres.

++ I've got to catch up on some of my shows, which seems to be a big theme as of late. Have you ever felt that way, having shows that you like or even love, but somehow you're just not in the mood to watch them? For me, I have to be in the right mood and mindset, especially if I'm to binge-watch episodes/seasons of my shows. I have seen the new Doctor Who (which I very much enjoyed, Thirteen is adorable!) but not much else at the moment. However, I have been on a huge horror kick, which isn't new but with it being October and nearing Halloween that kick has certainly intensified. So that has kind of preoccupied my time a bit, in terms of my watching habits.
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