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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Joyous Shiny!: Thanksgiving! Giving thanks and being grateful for all things in life, and enjoying all the Thanksgiving festivities and leftovers from that meal the night before....not to mention finishing up the last bottle of sparkling cidar all by me lonesome self. Eee, happy holidays shiny!

+ Mother Nature Is Shiny: IT'S RAINING!! Or, it was raining...but chances for rainstorms between here and Sunday are very high. 'Twas raining hard last night, so hopes are up for it to continue from here forward. Shiny!

+ Crazy!Crack Shiny!: It's Saturday morning and I'm still awake! *is on insane!crack*

Ack! Only twelve days left to finish NaNo! Must...finish....story!!
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