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And so time goes on.

++ So, the midterms elections happened and I can honestly say that I'm relatively relieved with the outcome. It's obviously not perfect, depending on individual states and their voting was like, but in the overall terms of the country it's a good step forward in comparison to how shitty the last few years have been. It gives a sense of hope and optimism for the future. Although after that came the sad stuff like another mass shooting and now the California wildfires that are still going (we're fine here, but the sky is very hazy and the air quality is shit).

++ For anyone who hasn't really been paying attention to this news, remember when Photobucket did the stupid thing by holding their images hostage unless you paid an obscene amount of money, and then reversed it after they got a new CEO? Apparently they done fucked up yet again by automatically adding watermarks on images that I think can only be removed if you pay for their new hosting package. Which yeah, no, fuck that. It makes looking to save icons and graphics people in fandom have made impossible, which pisses me off. And apparently Flickr has done something stupid too, similar to that of what PB initially did but worse. So if you have a Flickr account might as well save and move your images elsewhere.

++ I've been thinking a lot about the current state of television, or rather the way reboots/remakes/revivals have dominated everything. I answered a question a while back about not wishing any reboots of older shows because, at this point, they are unnecessary cash grabs with little to offer, which I've ranted about multiple times, but thinking about that got me wondering. Instead of reboots, what about spin-offs? It still holds the nostalgia factor of the originals but focuses on new characters and stories while expanding the already existing canon. I can think of quite a few shows that I feel would benefit from having spin-offs, to have their worlds further explored. I think it would be a better option than just resorting to completely remaking or reviving something entirely. While it could get out of hand like what's currently happening in media, since not everything needs spin-offs the same as not everything needs to be rebooted or have a revival series, I still think in moderation it can be done well when there's a decent idea behind it and if there's more to tell from that universe, not done only for the popularity.
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