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Where there's Marvel, there's a way.

++ I think I, among many others, believed that Stan Lee was immortal on some level like many other legends so hearing about his death was like a punch to the gut in a way. I'm not exactly huge with the Marvel comics or even the MCU, but his creations of these characters and stories was something that changed comics forever. He left an impact on pop culture and his legacy will continue on. It will undoubtedly be bittersweet when we see his final cameo appearances in upcoming MCU films. RIP Stan Lee, you created a legacy that will forever be remembered.

++ It appears that Agents of SHIELD has already been renewed for a seventh season before the sixth season even premieres. I found this rather interesting, but I'm guessing that there are plans for them coinciding with the MCU, which explains the S6 summer premiere instead of the fall or midseason. I'm curious to see how this goes and even where the show goes from here, considering how the S5 finale was treated like a series finale. Although, sidenote? I do not like Daisy's new hairstyle for S6. I know that Chloe went blonde during the break, which is fine for her, but it really doesn't work for the character, neither does the combination of that purple streak. They were probably working with a tie-in for Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors which Daisy's animation has purple ombre hair, but unfortunately it just kind of pushes into that stereotypical "Asian hair streak" trope that many Asians want gone. So, yeah, not a fan. I hope it's only temporary....

++ Once Upon A Deadpool is going to be a PG-13 cut of Deadpool which will be given a limited theatrical release in December. This is in part of mocking the "concerned" parents campaigning for the first movie to be made family-friendly, but mostly it's doing this for charity. And honestly, this is such a classic Deadpool-style way to go about it, and it looks hilarious.

++ Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, the fact that he's voicing Pikachu in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is simultaneously hilarious and also brilliant at the same time. I thought that people were joking about this, since this trailer came out of nowhere, but after watching it I'm so enthralled. Apparently this is based on a video game called Detective Pikachu, and in general people have been wanting to see what a live-action Pokemon would be like, and just based on this trailer alone the visuals look fantastic and having Ryan Reynolds voice Pikachu is just the best move for this movie. Also, Pikachu is so fluffy and cute! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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