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29 November 2018 @ 08:43 pm
You're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.  
++ Welp. Netflix just cancelled Daredevil, despite its third season being well-received and even considered the best season of the show yet. I guess this is the death of the Netflix Marvel universe after all. Only Jessica Jones and The Punisher are left, and who knows how long before both are ruthlessly axed as well. This is really shitty, mostly because it's obviously part of the streaming service wars (Netflix vs. Disney) and it's just a downward spiral of them just cancelling their entire Marvel lineup left and right. This also doesn't reflect well on Netflix in general because it further demonstrates that they'll cancel anything no matter how high the ratings. Their Marvel lineup was considered the best, the most successful, and the most popular and they're throwing it all away over some bullshit streaming war nonsense. Basically, it's a stupid business decision and Netflix, along with the Disney streaming service, can go fucking choke.

++ There has been an announcement about a global rewatch of Sense8 on Netflix in December in hopes of getting enough attention for there to be a third season made. This has been something that has been in the works for a while, and although I don't know how much of a success this'll do (since us getting a two-hour finale special was a damn miracle in itself), this kind of passion and determination is something I love to see in fandom. If nothing else though, whether Sense8 miraculously gets a third season it rightfully deserves or not, I just want Netflix to officially release the DVD/Blurays of the entire series. I think we deserve at least that much after everything.

++ Sony officially released a "romcom" trailer for Venom to promote the release of the Bluray. This is excellent marketing since it embraces the reasons why people ended up enjoying the movie in the first place, aka the Symbrock (Eddie/Venom) relationship. I'm just so pleased by this.

++ Meanwhile, we finally have the trailer for Marvel's Runaways second season. I'm so hype for it.
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Naomi: Daredevil Matt by iwillnotdancefrelling_tralk on November 30th, 2018 10:43 pm (UTC)
Definitely, Charlie Cox has always seemed like such a big fan of the role, and it must be especially disappointing too for the actor playing Bullseye to have the show cut off so soon when he was only just starting to get into this new role. This article https://www.slashfilm.com makes it clear that the writers really were completely blindsided by the cancellation when they were already preparing for season 4 😢 (ETA Weird the article didn’t link properly, but anyway it basically links to a tweet from one of the writers saying that they had a really cool season 4 planned out in its entirety https://twitter.com/havensam/status/1068350428687912960?s=21 )

I’ve seen some articles suggesting that interest has been down season on season when it comes to social media buzz, but that’s surely something that Netflix should have been prepared for because no show can live up to the hype and attention that a new show gets when it launches for the first time, but the response to season 3 was still so positive and Daredevil had been trending on twitter even before news of the cancellation. Considering that, I really think that Netflix owes the fans and the people behind the show a better explanation than claiming that they randomly decided to end it so that they could close on a high note

Edited at 2018-11-30 10:46 pm (UTC)
Renée: BSG. Natalie is not pleased.rogueslayer452 on December 1st, 2018 03:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, I saw that tweet and I just feel so bad for them. It just fucking sucks all around for everyone. Knowing that they were so hyped for the fourth season, having it all planned out, riding the wave of the success and praise of the third season, believing that they were safe for at least another season, it is understandable how painfully blindsided they all must feel. :(

I have no time or whatever excuse Netflix decides to do. After the injustice of what they did to Sense8 (yes, it was expensive to produce, but they didn't even give an explanation for the cancellation at all and continued to disrespect and belittle the fans for wanting answers and for creating such noise for wanting the show renewed) I don't trust anything they have to say. But I do agree that they owe the cast/crew and the fans like renewing the show.