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Give me all the lady superhero movies, pls.

Again, just like with the first trailer, I'm absolutely super hyped for the movie! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Real talk though, honestly, I just really love the look and overall feel of Captain Marvel. Aside from a few things, I know absolutely nothing about the character or her origin story so I'll be going into this rather blind. I really love Brie Larson, I think she's a fantastic actress and so far I like what we see in the trailers, and I think she'll do the the character justice. I've seen some comments about her lack of smiling (usually by douchebros who feel the need to comment about ~omg smile more~) or her higher pitched voice which is unusual from what we've normally seen when it comes to female superheroes that have a deeper, almost huskier voice to match their heroic persona. However, I quite like it, like a whole lot. It's kinda been revealed that the reason Carol Danvers isn't really smiling (aside from not having to, lbr) is because she is rather emotionally detached and this is a movie that will be about her learning about her past life on Earth. No, she doesn't look ~bored as some have claimed, but rather disconnected from humanity on Earth, which makes absolute sense given her backstory. So yeah, everything about Carol looks and sounds super dope.

Also, as a sidenote, the outfits? Her hair with the classic helmet? The special effects? Nick Fury? And Coulson to appear as seen in the previous trailer? This is gonna be good and I'm so here for it!

There was also the official teaser trailer for Avengers 4 (aptly titled Endgame) that was released yesterday, which is great. But in all honesty? I'm way more excited for Captain Marvel. It's weird, my superhero movie viewing habits have always been scattered and sporadic. I haven't really watched any of the Avengers movies aside from the first one, and aside from a select few, I haven't really been much of a MCU watcher, same with the DCEU. I do watch and love a lot of the Marvel shows on television and I'm emotionally invested in those particular arcs and plots, but not so much of the movie universe, which is rather strange. But I guess that's why I've always felt a slight disconnect from the MCU fandom in a way.
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