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Seeing red for the holidays...

++ Learning about Eliza Dushku's sexual harassment claim against Michael Weatherly while her time on Bull is absolutely horrific, especially knowing the shit she's been through already from the industry. Not only was what he did reprehensible and disgusting, but the fact that CBS attempted to blacklist Eliza by showing "proof" that she was the more unstable one by sending in a tape of her using profanity. I'm glad it backfired on them, though, since what they had was actually evidence of the harassment itself thereby backing up Eliza's claims. But still, they gave her hush money to make her go away with this, and that is just so gross regardless. I always wondered why Eliza's character didn't come back, since it was originally announced she would become a regular recurring character and where things left off it made it seem like there would've been more down the line. I guess now we know the real reason. I mean, CBS is the home of shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS, where both have repeatedly treated their actresses horribly, not to mention that they previously passed on the opportunity for a Nancy Drew reboot because it would've been "too female". So, this goes to further demonstrate their attitudes regarding women, and it just makes me even more angry with what they did to Eliza.

Also, I haven't been watching Bull for some time now, initially not out of disinterest but because I was catching up on other stuff and it kind of got put to the side. But knowing this, alongside the knowledge I just learned that Annabelle Attanasio, who played Cable, my favorite character on the show, wasn't going to return for its current third season (and the manner of which they wrote her off is just, ugh, no), it has made me less inclined to bother catching up.

++ Doctor Who won't be returning until early 2020, which has received some mixed reactions from the fandom, alongside that there is going to be a New Years special instead of the regular Christmas special this year. I, personally, don't mind either. We're still getting a special so it doesn't matter if it's specifically a Christmas one or not. As for S12 not premiering until 2020, I can understand people's frustrations. But at the same time, we currently live in a binge-watching culture and have kinda gotten used to waiting for certain shows to return. Doctor Who has risen in popularity in recent years, especially here in the States, and the possibility of interest losing momentum probably won't happen. So, while the wait sucks, I am not at all bothered by it.

++ Speaking of the holidays, Richard Armitage has narrated yet another audiobook, The Christmas Hirelings, which is now available on Audible for free! You're welcome. ❤
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