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28 December 2018 @ 05:31 pm
End Of The Year Fandom Meme  
Which TV shows did you start watching in 2018?
Siren, The Haunting of Hill House, Versailles, Dear White People, Cloak & Dagger, Runaways, History of Horror, Doctor Who (coming back to it after years of not watching), and Reverie. Not a whole lot in comparison to previous years.

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2018?
Wynonna Earp. It's disappointing, to be honest, because the show started out with so much potential and high promise, and I absolutely adore the character of Wynonna, Melanie portrays her incredibly well with the emotional moments and comedic timing. However, what happened in the beginning of the third season really ruined my love for the show, to the point that I just stopped watching altogether. Reverie was a new show that premiered this year that I tried out, but after watching the pilot episode I just felt nothing towards it. I usually stick it out for a few more episodes to see if a show improves or is worth my time, but for some reason Reverie didn't really invoke that. So I wasn't at all surprised that it got cancelled. It's a shame though, it had a strong cast (Sarah Shahi and Sendhil Ramamurthy sharing the same screen together? Like hello?) but the writing lacked what could have been interesting interactions.

Also, Bull. I actually hadn't been caught up with it for a while, I kinda paused in the middle of the second season for unrelated reasons and planned on catching up to it eventually, but after hearing what happened to Eliza Dushku and also with the character of Cable, who was my favorite character on the show, I've decided that I'm no longer interested in catching up.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2018? Why?
Initially I wanted to try out The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when it was first announced, but the more that I learned about what it was going to be like the less inclined I felt to watch it. I'm not really a fan of the Riverdale-esque feel, nor am I a fan of the main actress they cast as Sabrina. I also was slightly tempted to get into Volton: Legendary Defender, but from the toxicity of the fandom and the issues the show had overall, I just don't really feel inclined to get into it. Not that the desire to watch it was strong to begin with, it was mere curiosity, but I don't want to waste my time watching eight seasons of something that I'm only vaguely curious about.

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2019?
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, because I'm a huge fan of the movie and I'm fascinated to see what they do with this prequel series. NOS4A2 I'm definitely curious about. And although I didn't even bother watching the ending of Pretty Little Liars, I will at least check out the first few episodes of its spin-off, The Perfectionists. I doubt I'll keep with it despite my love of Alison and Mona, I just want to know what it'll be like in terms of plot and tone.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2018?
Wynonna Earp and Reverie, as aforementioned above to the point where I just stopped watching both; one was disappointing because it started out strong but it became a mess, and the second just didn't draw me in at all.

Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2019 unless things significantly improve?
Probably Stranger Things. I loved the first season, but the second season, while not necessarily bad, it still could've been much better than it was. They definitely have to get better at writing women, since that's something that left me feeling rather cold during the second season for sure.

Which TV shows do you think you’ll never let go of no matter how crappy they get?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, since it's been going solid and strong for five seasons already and with NBC picking it up I suspect we'll be seeing more awesome things from it. Also The Expanse, it's been getting better and stronger with each season for three seasons now, from the writing and performances to the plot and story unraveling, so I have no doubt that they'll continue doing fantastic things with the show in the future. Same with Agents of SHIELD, which has also been getting better and better with each season.

Your main fandom of the year?
Gosh, I don't even know. I think probably The Expanse. I was already watching it but with the cancellation of the show and it getting renewed by Amazon, I kind of went into a massive rewatch of all current three seasons and I just ended up loving it even more than I already did, and it was such a great way of celebrating with fandom who made the renewal from cancellation possible.

Your favorite film you watched this year?
Deadpool 2, Tomb Raider, Crazy Rich Asians, Ocean's 8, and Venom.

Your favorite book read this year?
The Dark Crystal by A.C.H. Smith, which is the novelization of the movie, and it adds a lot of detail and depth to the world and the characters. Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer, which I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy. As a whole, I somewhat accomplished my goal of finishing books I had already started previously this year to make room for getting into newer books. My goal essentially is just to read more, so I'm hoping that by 2019 I'll be getting into more books that I've been wanting to read for a long time now.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?
For albums: BLACKPINK's "Square Up" mini-album, Hayley Kiyoko's "Expectations", Janelle Monáe's "Dirty Computer", Heathers: The Musical soundtrack, Ninja Sex Party's "Cool Patrol", and Namie Amuro's "Finally", which is her final studio album (although technically released last year, she officially retired in October of this year so it still counts). As for individual songs: "SOLO" by Jennie, "Monster" by KIRA ft. GUMI, "Never Say Die" by CHVRCHES, "Daisuki" by DAOKO, and "Danny Don't You Know" by Ninja Sex Party. And, of course, dozens more because once I find a song that I love I'll listen to it ad nauseum.

Your favorite TV show(s) of the year?
At this point I think it's a four-way tie between The Expanse, The Haunting of Hill House, Cloak & Dagger, and Agents of Shield.

Your favorite online fandom community of the year?
For specific fandoms, definitely the Venom fandom. I initially had no desire to see the movie until people started raving about it, and once I saw it I understood the hype. The Venom fandom was possibly the biggest surprises when it came to how active they were, from discussions to a wide variety of fanart and fanwork in general. It's been a widely welcoming community of fans from both the comics and the movie, talking about Eddie Brock, the Venom Symbiote, the Symbrock ship, and everything else in between.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
I think it would probably have to say The Haunting of Hill House since it was a series I didn't expect would move me as much as it did. I mean, I love horror in general so I knew I would love it based on the things I read, but I wasn't prepared for how emotionally invested I would get with the story and the characters and how brilliantly the series was made. Also very recently I just got into Versailles, a show that had recently finished its third and final season so I'm a bit late to the party, but nonetheless it was an accidental discovery because my sister had been watching it and I managed to catch the middle of an episode and I got so invested with what was happening that I became intrigued immediately.

Your fandom that made an unexpected comeback this year?
Not so much a fandom, necessarily, but a particular ship: Dean/Castiel. I stopped watching Supernatural eons ago and I have no plans on returning back to that show ever again for obvious reasons, but I adored Dean/Castiel as a pairing and despite not caring about the show anymore I still have love for them. I decided to revisit them specifically by reading fanfic, I don't particular care about the context just as long as I get something good and I definitely do. It has been a long while and I didn't expect it to make a comeback alongside my regular fanfic reading, yet it did.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
Netflix cancelling their Marvel shows due to all the streaming wars nonsense with the new Disney streaming service. It's quite possibly the stupidest business decision they could've made especially since their Marvel lineup was successful and popular. It's disappointing because, while I know that the shows would've ended at some point down the line, they should have at least allowed their shows to give a proper way of concluding together since that's how it seemed like they were heading that way anyway. But nope, the whole Netflix versus Disney/Marvel just ruined something fantastic because of greed and pride.

Also, Tumblr banning adult content quite possibly killed the entire popularity of the site. While I may grouse about the majority of fandom having migrated there and how toxic the place was at times, that website has a lot what many sites don't; freedom of expression, explore and discovery yourself, your sexuality, shared interests of wide varieties, etc, a lot of this is through the fandom community via fanart, fanfiction, sharing gifs, graphics, and the like. Complete censorship of this freedom of expression is incredibly dangerous and does more harm than good, as seen with the shitty algorithm that is basically censoring innocent posts that don't even go against their new policy guidelines at all. It's not only frustrating, it's also just majorly disappointing that now fandom will become even more fragmented than it already has been.

Your fandom boyfriend(s) of the year?
Percival Graves, who is essentially my husband lbr.

Your fandom girlfriend(s) of the year?
Daisy Johnson (Agents of SHIELD), Theodora Crain (The Haunting of Hill House), Nico Minoru (Marvel's Runaways), Camina Drummer (The Expanse), Bobbie Draper (The Expanse), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), and Astrid Leong (Crazy Rich Asians).

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
The Expanse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine got saved from cancellation. I was legitimately shocked when they were cancelled by Syfy and FOX respectively, though probably not at all surprised considering both networks have done this many times with good shows. However, Brookyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC thereby making it the fastest renewal from a cancellation in television history, not to mention an emotional rollar coaster within 48-hours. Adding to that, was how Rosa Diaz came out as bisexual on the show, which was not just monumental for B99 but also for television as well when it comes to bisexual visibility. And The Expanse, probably one of the best science fiction shows on Syfy since Dark Matter (another show they unjustly cancelled last year), was picked up by Amazon thanks to the incredible determination and dedication from the fandom.

And then, of course, the Sense8 finale special happened this year. It's bittersweet to say the least because it means the show is officially over despite the fact that it shouldn't be, however this special wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the fanbase and thereby it's truly a miracle and gift that we even got it in the first place as a means of closure. And it was such a beautiful special that truly captured the reasons why Sense8 as a whole was such a beautiful, heartfelt show.

The most missed of your old fandoms?
I'm going to be like a broken record at this point, but just the sense of fandom community in general since everyone is so spread out that it's sad that fandom as a whole is so fragmented. Even here on LJ, seeing people saying that while they watch certain shows/movies they aren't "fandom people" and don't like talking about it and that just doesn't compute in my head, imho.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
I've been kinda curious about Harlots, I've seen the gifs around and it looks interesting.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?
For movies, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman: 1984, The New Mutants, Us, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Men In Black: International, and Happy Death Day 2U. When it comes to television shows, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the sixth season of Agents of SHIELD will bring especially after how the fifth season ended and how it'll all be connected with the MCU movies of the year. The Expanse will have its fourth season on Amazon Prime, which I'm really excited about because not only am I fascinated with the story to see it continue, but the fact that it's been given a second chance makes me even more anticipated for what they're going to be bringing to the new season. And just overall a lot of my returning shows, to be honest.

With other things, while I'm not going to the event since it's in the UK, Richard Armitage will apparently be attending Starfury: Red Dragon 5 next year, which I believe will be his first ever fan convention. However, I will be attending a Backstreet Boys concert next year! The last time I saw them in concert was years ago in Vegas, however they are performing locally which is a rarity so we've already booked tickets and everything. I'm so hyped.
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Laura: Person of Interest: Shawviolateraindrop on December 29th, 2018 12:49 pm (UTC)
I had high hopes for Reverie until the very end. Be glad that you, unlike me, did not stick with it.

Venom was never on my watchlist, but everyone seems so positive about it, I might end up watching it after all.

The whole Marvel/Netflix mess was so disappointing. It feels like there are no winners here because nobody will now be making money with these shows either.
Renée: Jessica Jones.rogueslayer452 on December 29th, 2018 11:04 pm (UTC)
I like the concept of Reverie, but the way it was executed didn't like well for me. As much as I enjoy the actors, they weren't enough to make me continue watching.

Believe me when I say that you'll be pleasantly surprised by Venom. I didn't even think twice about the movie until people started talking about how enjoyable it was, and once I saw it I understood what they meant. If anything, you'll just have a fun time watching it, especially when you realize how much of a romcom it actually is. ;)

Yeah, I know what you mean. :( Netflix has made a lot of questionable business decisions in recent years, but this one definitely takes the cake. I feel so bad for the actors/crew of these shows because I know they were blindsided and feel betrayed by Netflix, in a way.
noybusiness: dannababiesnoybusiness on December 30th, 2018 12:13 am (UTC)
Dragon 5

My eye settled on that line before the one above it, and for a second I imagined "How to Train Your Dragon 5" and thought "There haven't been that many yet, have there?"

Edited at 2018-12-30 12:13 am (UTC)
Renéerogueslayer452 on December 30th, 2018 06:46 am (UTC)
lol, though that's a fair question.
orangerfulorangerful on December 30th, 2018 02:45 am (UTC)
I totally agree with 'Stranger Things' being droppable. Season 1 was so solid but Season 2 felt like so much set up and I'm just not in the mood anymore LOL.

Did you watch 'Dark' on Netflix?? It's been over a year since that was released ugh! I hate waiting between seasons!

Renéerogueslayer452 on December 30th, 2018 07:11 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed the first season because it was a mixture of things from the 80s, paying homage to certain movies/genres/the era while still being its own thing. The second season, idk. It just wasn't as enjoyable or fluid as the first season. I'm not having really high hopes for the third, to be honest.

I haven't seen Dark, though I heard some claim that it's better than Stranger Things, lol.
orangerfulorangerful on December 30th, 2018 05:53 pm (UTC)
I'm not going to make any claims like that, since it has only had one season, but it was definitely a really enjoyable show and I would suggest it if you liked the first season of 'Stranger Things'. I don't even know why I started watching it, I think the picture just looked cool.

And I watched with subtitles because dubbing just distracts me, especially when it is real humans vs anime and i can see the lips moving. But that is just me LOL. Netflix does let you switch it though.
Avox in Arcadia: Fitzsimmonsperpetual on December 30th, 2018 04:30 am (UTC)
Agents of SHIELD has become such a reliable old standby, it's good for the heart.

Forgot some of those movies are coming. Should be some fun times.
Renée: Agents of Shield. Skye.rogueslayer452 on December 30th, 2018 07:13 am (UTC)
It just makes me sad that it doesn't get nearly enough recognition that it should. I would say that S4 and S5 were some of the best seasons the show has had so far.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some upcoming movies, but those are ones that I'm either really looking forward to or am curious about.
goldenusagigoldenusagi on December 31st, 2018 01:35 am (UTC)
Tumblr definitely counts as the biggest disappointment.

And I say check out Harlots! I need to post about the second season, but I've really enjoyed both seasons.
Renéerogueslayer452 on December 31st, 2018 04:35 am (UTC)
It really does. I keep hoping that there's an announcement that they realized their mistake and the policy has been overturned, but alas. :/

Awesome! I kept seeing gifs around of the show, particularly of the second season with Liv Tyler which got me very curious about it.
Nadine: Brooklyn 99 - Holtmalicat on January 1st, 2019 08:45 pm (UTC)
I think Harlots would be right up your alley. It's basically all about women (some of them are terrible human beings,monsters even,but still great characters) and it's very queer!

I don't think you ever talked about Cloaks & Dagger but I'm glad to read that you enjoyed it. It's such a gem imo :)

Hands off Camina Drummer though,she's MINE :P *g*

Edited at 2019-01-01 08:46 pm (UTC)
Renée: Elementary. Joan Watson.rogueslayer452 on January 2nd, 2019 03:19 am (UTC)
some of them are terrible human beings,monsters even,but still great characters

Which is also right up my alley, as well. I really like it when women characters are presented as heavily flawed, complicated, and complex, and even just straight up unlikable in their actions, but are still well-written as being three-dimensional human beings. Those kinds of characters, esp women characters, intrigue me. So I'm even more excited for possibly getting into the show in the future.

I plan on making a post about Cloak & Dagger, along with other shows that I've been meaning to write up about. It just takes some time to properly formulate my thoughts.

Hands off Camina Drummer though,she's MINE :P *g*

giallarhorn: Jack mehgiallarhorn on January 2nd, 2019 12:26 am (UTC)
Voltron fandom is really volatile, which is why I generally don't get involved in it. The show itself is good, up till s8 at which point the writers made some very bizarre choices. There's also a weird amount of external meddling over the seasons, which is kinda apparent.

Someone made the hilarious point that Supernatural's outlived even tumblr at this point in time, and it just seems to keep on going.
Renée: Haven. Audrey Parker.rogueslayer452 on January 2nd, 2019 03:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've been reading up a lot about the heavy executive meddling throughout the show and it's quite troublesome, to say the least. I initially was only curious about the show because I liked the look of Shiro and was intrigued by his character role. And my interest grew a little more when they announced him being gay at SDCC and him having/had a boyfriend, but what followed afterward...well, yeah. My interest dwindled significantly at that. I've been kind of following the drama reports about the mess the show became, including the disastrous eighth season.

I have no doubt the show started off good, but again I was only vaguely curious. I may check it out in the future if I'm so inclined and after the fandom/the drama surrounding the show has died down, but for now I'm just kinda like, meh.

Someone made the hilarious point that Supernatural's outlived even tumblr at this point in time, and it just seems to keep on going.

It's just so baffling how the show has been on for this long. I mean, it's kinda obvious it's just a steady paycheck for the actors at this point, which I'm sure they don't mind since they have families to support, but still.
Jessica: TW || Got youimpala_chick on January 3rd, 2019 12:46 am (UTC)
Oh, I watched the first ep of Dear White People and I've been meaning to keep watching.

Regarding the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I watched the pilot and I'm not sure that I want to keep watching. Nothing about it really grabbed me. I heard there was some bad stuff that went down on Wynonna, but I haven't watched s3 at all. I kind of want to watch it now, just so I know the full extent of the train wreck.

The Haunting of Hill House was a surprise. I wanted to watch because of the horror, but I stayed because of all the intricate family dynamics.
Renéerogueslayer452 on January 3rd, 2019 05:36 am (UTC)
Dear White People is such a good show, I was so excited that it was renewed for a third season. :D

I feel like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could've been more interesting if they weren't going for the whole Riverdale vibe. It should have at least stood on its own, been something more mature and darker. Nothing about it looks or feels compelling to me, imho. And it's disappointing because I was interested in the adaptation of the comics before, well, everything else started coming out from what the show was going to be like. Meh.

Oh, believe me, the trainwreck in Wynonna Earp happens very early on in S3. It was enough that I noped the hell out, because the fuck was that bullshit.

I was the same with The Haunting of Hill House. I went it wanting a horror show, which I got, but I didn't expect to get as emotionally attached to the characters as I did. When I start getting invested that deeply within just a couple of episodes you know it's gonna be one hell of a ride, and it truly was, from beginning to end.
Jessicaimpala_chick on January 6th, 2019 03:42 am (UTC)
Oh, awesome. That makes me excited to dive into it.

I haven't seen Riverdale, but I have seen some gifs and things. I was most disappointed by the fact that Salem doesn't talk!

Yeah, the family dynamics were really well-done on THoHH.
Renéerogueslayer452 on January 7th, 2019 12:41 am (UTC)
I was most disappointed by the fact that Salem doesn't talk!

Based on what the limited things I've seen, Salem himself did talk at first before he transformed into the cat. But no, he doesn't talk. I've heard that he might talk in the future. Though I've also heard Salem doesn't appear much in the show anyway because the actress is allergic or something, so idk.
Jessicaimpala_chick on January 7th, 2019 01:35 am (UTC)
Ah, if she's allergic that sucks.
Becky: Miss Harris-B&W made for mebeckytheelf on January 3rd, 2019 03:33 am (UTC)
Happy New Year sis!!! I hope you had a good one and I wish you all the best for the New Year <3

Here I am, rolling up in all your posts lmao.

I really miss fandom as a concept too. It's not entirely the same on Tumblr and it's been made worse by this dumbass nipple ban which still sees like 3 porn bots following me on a daily basis and lots of fuckin Nazis still on the loose. It's also exhausting over there because everyone is always annoyed about every single thing and every little thing needs 20 pages of discourse and everyone is fighting everyone to be the most pure.

Also, lmao, I watched Venom and I thought it was okay. Honestly, the hype was bigger than the movie but Eddie's loser ass was a big mood. And lmao all the crazy fanart has me living. There have been so many things I wish I could unsee though.

You had such a busy fandom year!!! I just sit on Tumblr reblogging lmao. The only thing I watched this year was The Haunting of Hill House which I liked well enough. I don't know...TV shows don't seem to interest me much anymore, I have no idea why. I do spend all my free time watching 3 hour long Bollywood movies though so that's probably where my time goes lmao.

And Oh God, I dropped Supernatural like a hot potato like 6 years ago but every now and again, the Destiel feels rise up and I'll watch the occasional ep with them and dive headfirst into AO3. I think the writers and stuff are on to us, because every now and again, they will bait us with some huge Destiel moments and everyone loses their minds lmao.

Renée: Inara Serra. Smile.rogueslayer452 on January 3rd, 2019 06:39 am (UTC)
Happy New Year to you too, bby! :D

Yeah, the Tumblr thing is just so ridiculously stupid. But that's big companies for you, not knowing what they're doing and screwing everyone over in the process, all in favor of wanting to make money off of ads. I also got followed by several porn bots within the last 24 hours (I blocked them all, of course), but it just proves that this "ban" isn't really working. Which we knew was gonna happen, because the algorithm is broken as fuck.

It's also exhausting over there because everyone is always annoyed about every single thing and every little thing needs 20 pages of discourse and everyone is fighting everyone to be the most pure.

Ugh, I hate all of that so much. I could honestly go on a long rant about "purity culture" that has invaded the fandom community over the years. I guess I'm just a fandom grandma that at this point I'm just like, children, chillax it ain't that serious.

I don't think I'll ever stop watching things or getting involved with fandom, to be honest. Fandom is my main form of escapism and when I get attached to something (a show, a movie, a pairing, etc) I go in hard. There is no way for me to not become obsessed with something. Granted 2018 wasn't incredibly remarkable when it came to newer shows, but still. I'm always getting introduced to shows and other fandoms, no matter how new or old they are. It's basically my coping mechanism, to get obsessed over something to distract myself.

The fact that Supernatural is still going is just so...confusing, tbh. I also stopped watching ages ago and I'm never going back to that nonsense, but I cannot deny that Dean/Castiel still holds a special place in my heart.

LOL, YEP! ;D We don't go to concerts often so this is definitely a treat.
Becky: Ugh that Loki facebeckytheelf on January 4th, 2019 03:52 am (UTC)
Have fun at your concert for me sis!!!! I can't even remember the last time I went to a concert lmao I'm a sad bitch.

I really don't think Tumblr is going to change their dumbass stance on things. I mean, if they actually did their jobs and actually idk banned the shit that they're supposedly against, of course I would be all gung ho about this. over the years, so so many of us have reported things but Tumblr did fuck all until they came out with this dumbass blanket ban that is not working at all.

This useless ass website is flagging pictures of actual kitty kats with whiskers and beautiful wet noses and pictures of saris. Like wtf did Puss in Boots and Sabyasachi ever do to y'all? My aesthetics blog which is basically just filled with clothes and travel destinations got like 30 posts flagged and I have no fucking idea what got flagged because I. CANNOT. SEE. THE. POSTS.

I would leave if I had a better alternative. People have been talking about Pillowfort but it's harder to get into than the CIA :|

Girl, where are these pornbots even coming from? How are they finding us?

Sis, please go on your rant. These Tumblr puritans are beginning to make idk the Salem Witch Trials look more sane. I really am beginning to see it as the "spoiled child syndrome" i.e. if it's not for me and I don't like it, then it shouldn't exist at all.

Don't even let me get started on the ~if you ship this thing that I don't like, you're a pedophile~ ~if you breathe, you're a pedophile~ Could y'all stop using that word so lightly to describe anything that you dislike? It's truly diminishing the harm posed by actual pedophiles. And calling an age gap between a say 22 year old and a 28 year old pedophilia????!!! They both grown ass adults. And I can go on for a whole ass day about their obsession with how nothing vaguely 'problematic' should exist in art/fiction/meta. There's also how they infantilize certain minority groups to the point where it's quite frankly frightening but that's another story.
How are some of y'all functioning in the real world?

Girl, I think I'm fandom's great grandma at this point because all I do all day is roll my eyes right up out of my head.
I really think that these children need to go back to the school that they say they hate and is supposedly completely useless because they need some education.

(And I ranted for you sry bb lmao).

I just need a better fandom platform but you are preaching to the choir. I do the most to distract myself from the fact that my life is a dumpster fire and my brain is a mess.

Sis, you should probably check out the most Destiel filled eps. I mean, a lot of them end up being very trash-firey. BUT...DESTIEL. Ngl, the Scooby Doo episode was super cute.

I hear they're bringing back John Winchester for an episode and I was like @ God who asked...unless it's to show me that his ass is burning in hell, then no, no we cannot talk.
Renée: Elementary. Joan Watson.rogueslayer452 on January 5th, 2019 06:31 pm (UTC)
Part 1
I've always been more of going to conventions that concerts, to be honest. Local conventions nowadays than traveling out of state (because it's too expensive), but on the rare occasion is there a concert that I want to go to. I'll definitely plan on having a good time. :D

Seriously though, this blanket ban does nothing but create more problems for their users, all which have to try to create more loopholes to fix the shit that they broke than we already have over the years. But hey, as long as Verizon gets money from ads that's all that matters, right? *grumbles*

I would leave if I had a better alternative. People have been talking about Pillowfort but it's harder to get into than the CIA :|

They're still in beta mode, right? I mean, LJ was like that when I joined, I had to get an invite code back in the day before it finally was open to the public. But it took LJ years before that could happen since it was first launched to fix and tweak issues before the floodgates opened to everyone.

I believe it was stated that Pillowfort might be planning on both moving servers and changing their domain name because I think it was revealed that the .io domain doesn't really support adult material either, which doesn't bode well when that's the reason people are wanting to join after Tumblr's idiotic change in policy, but so far I haven't heard any progression into that esp if that's a thing people are concerned about. Plus, there was so issues with their TOS about the kind of content they will or won't allow. So, yeah, idk. Again, probably just the whole aspect of being in beta, but at the same time that means that it won't really be a functional site for a long while.

Either way, I'm uncertain about Pillowfort, personally speaking. It might gain traction at some point, but it also might fall on the wayside like Imazy or the failed attempt at a Tumblr-alike that was Inkstand before it was revealed it was a scam.

But in truth, I don't think there will ever be an alternative to Tumblr since that was its own thing that people kind of converted it to once migrating there (since Tumblr was never meant to function as a main hub for fandom, it was only a picture-sharing site, though it should have adapted accordingly once they gained more traffic and popularity beyond its original intention). There will be sites trying to mimic it, but there will never be anything else like it.

(Sorry I went on a long rant there, I just have a lot of thoughts on the matter esp with fandom migration)
Becky: Actual Alpha King Scottbeckytheelf on January 8th, 2019 04:55 am (UTC)
Re: Part 1
I'm super jealous, I'm ngl. I don't go to concerts or conventions :( but I'm glad you get the opportunity to do your fandom thing!!

I'm dying at Tumblr doing all this for ads....like....I ain't seen an ad in years. My Adblock is so strong, it sometimes blocks my own posts oop. And so many of us have missing e and Tumblr Saviour to drown out the stuff we don't want to see so I wish them luck.

Pillowfort looks like Tumblr but cleaner and yes, I think it's still in beta mode. You have to add your email to a list and hope to hear from them soon. I don't think they're quite ready for the influx of us fleeing Tumblr.

LMAO...I remember my LJ days too. I had to beg a who's who on here for a code and they were so sanctimonious about it lmao. Fuck, we're old.

Idk, I'm worried about Pillowfort because I feel like we're pinning all our hopes on it but it may end up going the way of other websites. I would love a website that's a great mix between what LJ was and what Tumblr was before the Puritans started taking over.

Your thoughts on fandom migration are so fascinating to me because I haven't really thought much about it. People are straight up denying Insta and Twitter for the next big fandom movement which I'm glad about because lmao, I hate those websites and honestly, they're not good for those of us with no lives oop at me, exposing myself. But me and my flopness aside, how do people live with Twitter's short ass word limits? And Instagram is really only about who you follow and what brand you're promoting.

As much as I love being salty about Tumblr, I did quite like the format because it moved from being solely pictures to fun gifs, stories and the shitposting is amusing as hell. Also, the one good thing they've ever done is the instant messenger. I live on that thing.
Renée: Agents of Shield. Skye.rogueslayer452 on January 8th, 2019 04:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 1
I don't think they're quite ready for the influx of us fleeing Tumblr.

They're definitely not. It's not easy running a website, and if dealing with just a handful of people is overwhelming enough imagine a shitload more. They probably will never be ready for that amount of traffic.

I would love a website that's a great mix between what LJ was and what Tumblr was before the Puritans started taking over.

Yeah, I sorta want what OTW did with AO3 for fanfiction, but for a main fannish hub. A combination of LJ and Tumblr elements, but protected from asshole corporations. I think it would be beneficial for many people, especially fanartists who were definitely affected by recent events. It would just be a matter of how that would happen. Pillowfort is a good step forward (even if it might be a temporary thing, it feels like), but it kinda needs to extended into something else beyond just a temporary placeholder for Tumblr refugees.

Your thoughts on fandom migration are so fascinating to me because I haven't really thought much about it.

Ever since the majority of the fandom community left LJ, I've often thought about mass fandom migrations throughout the years, even before my time online. It's an interesting kind of thing since it shows the evolution of online fandom, how people adapt to change as the Internet climate changes, and so on. Even if everyone is so scattered now, fandom will always find a new place to call its new "home", if you will. It's a fascinating topic that I like looking into because it helps me make sense of these kinds of things.

People are straight up denying Insta and Twitter for the next big fandom movement which I'm glad about

I honestly cannot foresee any of the "popular" social media platforms to be where fandom migrates to, so I'm glad that everyone agrees that they are not sustainable and out of the question. I mean, Instagram is just for selfies and networking/sponsorship scams, and Twitter is a restrictive hellhole that even I don't even have a Twitter handle because just, ugh, no. So yeah, happy that everyone is on the same page regarding that.
Renée: Agents of Shield. Skye.rogueslayer452 on January 5th, 2019 06:32 pm (UTC)
Part 2
Girl, where are these pornbots even coming from? How are they finding us?

I remember seeing a post about it some while ago, and there's been some articles online talking about it, but I think the main reasons these porn bots continue to pop up and follow random people is to ensure that they're safe from being flagged if they're following/liking/reblogging from "safe blogs" to make it seem like they're legit to continue their networking or whatever it is. It's why people's posts end up getting flagged (by the shitty algorithm) because they most likely will find and bombard posts. But yeah. I think that's the basic understanding of why porn bots exist. I just block them all whenever they follow me.

(And I ranted for you sry bb lmao).

lol, it's okay bby! My line of thinking is exactly the same as yours.

As an addendum to your rant, I think it's just absurd that these people lack any kind of critical thinking skills or understand that not everything is morally black and white. They don't understand the concept of being objective or things being subjective. The way they act, like they're being morally superior to everyone else because they think everything needs to be "pure" is just ridiculous, not to mention immature. They remind me so much of the religious parents who complain about "offensive" material in books and will try to get them banned on that reason alone, and chances are they never even read the book or understand the nuance and importance of that message or content in context of the story, all because "think of teh childrens!" That's what these people are like. They are just assholes who have a holier-than-thou moral superiority complex.

I do feel bad for the young impressionable people, who are like in their teens, where this is their first exposure to online fandom and they latched onto this thinking it's acceptable behavior to act like that. Hopefully they'll grow out of it and learn that it's not acceptable. But those who are old enough and are doing this, the fuck is wrong with you? GTFO we don't want or need your toxic behavior and mentality.

I just wish there was a compilation video of all the Dean/Cas scenes throughout the seasons, because there's no way in hell I'm going to sit through an entire episode of that show again, lol. I mean, sure I could just fast-forward through most of it, but a compiled video of just their scenes would be even better. ;)
Becky: Actual Alpha King Scottbeckytheelf on January 10th, 2019 05:15 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2
Sis, the porn bots have evolved. They're now "fitness blogs." Like four are following me now per day. They're more rampant now than before. Like since this dumbass purge, I don't think I've had one regular blog follow me. I see a lot of theories on where they're coming from and what they're doing but idk. I heard the rumour that they're legit normal people who get paid to do this in that case sign me the fuck up i'm ready to be tittiekween88 or some shit .

I'm dying. You must've seen my post I reblogged on critical thinking which is so ironic because ain't nobody out here on Tumblr using their brain.

You are spot on though about the religious parents JESUS I DIDN'T THINK OF THAT. It reminds me of the Harry Potter furor where the religious parents didn't want their kids reading the books because EvIl MaGiC and they didn't even read the first page!!

And sooo many times, these children confuse fandom interest with actual rl support. Just because I'm out here reblogging a Jaime/Cersei gifset from GOT does not mean I'm walking up to people in the street to tell them go fuck your brother!!! (hypothetically lmao I cannot with Jaime and or Cersei but it's the only example I can think of rn.) Oooh...a better example...like I was a VC Andrews stan as a kid and I'm not out here lusting after my brother/uncle/cousin who may or may not be the same person sikeee .

Also, a lot of the time, the media being produced isn't for ~teh children~...it's for us grown ass adults??? And a lot of us adults have brains so we can fully differentiate between right and wrong in real life and can usually make the right or decent choice.

Additionally, I do get that a lot of media is 'messy' but like...not everything can be a coffee shop and a bakery AU. Real life is messy and ugly and I feel like fiction should be reflective of this. I fully agree with the point that certain media sensationalize things to a point where people are dehumanized or objectified and we really should be looking at who creates these things for consumption and why they're doing it. But, my main point still remains: are we not supposed to be talking about these uncomfortable things?

Girl, do not feel sorry for the fandom kids now because they're the ones with this holier than thou bullshit. They hide beneath the veneer of wokeness and inclusiveness but if you look closer, you'll realize they're spouting the same ageist conservative misogynistic nastiness from say the baby boomer generation. Imagine, they want us to get the fuck out of the fandom spaces that WE built. Who do they think is creating the gifs/fanfiction/spaces that they exist in?

I'm dying about you and Supernatural sis. What was the last episode you watched? Or, we should just live in AO3 comfort lmao.
Renée: Defiance. Irisa Nyria.rogueslayer452 on January 13th, 2019 02:14 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2
Sis, the porn bots have evolved. They're now "fitness blogs." Like four are following me now per day.

Ugh, I know. I continue to block them, but it seems futile when they keep coming back like cockroaches.

And sooo many times, these children confuse fandom interest with actual rl support.

Seriously, it boggles my mind.

VCA is definitely a good example, because I have loved, and still do love, her books. The stories involved in them are depressing, disturbing, and fucked up, and I love them because of it. Do I advocate or condone what happens in them? Of course not. But I'm allowed to enjoy a story for the sake of the story, and sometimes that includes incredibly fucked up shit. It's differentiating between fiction and reality, which is what these ~purity culture~ drones fail to understand.

Additionally, I do get that a lot of media is 'messy' but like...not everything can be a coffee shop and a bakery AU. Real life is messy and ugly and I feel like fiction should be reflective of this.

I completely agree. We need these things to have a discussion about, to reflect upon and even start a conversation about the topics at hand. Even things that sometimes romanticize certain aspects when it shouldn't, we need to start talking about how to present those topics properly instead of simply wanting it to go away. All of this reminds me of that WSJ article years ago written by someone who claimed that YA fiction was "too dark" for teenagers, and many people made responses saying that teenagers need these dark things because it can help them, especially if they're going through something similar. I read a lot of things during my teens that I probably shouldn't have (again, VCA) but it was an important part of my formative years to go into those dark places, because I was dealing with a lot of shit during that time. And now revisiting those things as an adult I'm able to dissect it and understand them even further. It's how fiction should be handled; we need to always find a way to look at things analytically, have discussions about them.

Girl, do not feel sorry for the fandom kids now because they're the ones with this holier than thou bullshit.

I know, I know. Perhaps I just remember being that young and saying stupid shit that I look back now and cringe. But then again, it was never to this extent.

It could be a generational gap kinda thing, because when I first joined the online fandom back in the early 00s I was still very new and unfamiliar with how things worked, but I was also surrounded by people of all ages and backgrounds who I ended up befriending and who helped me along the way. Hell, I didn't really care about their ages because we connected through mutual interests and that's what fandom should be about. Nowadays though, some think that fandom should exclusive to only teens, and anyone older who associates with fandom are pedophiles in their minds. I even read someone saying that if you read a fic that was written by someone in their teens you're automatically a "pedophile" and I'm like, lol wtf? Don't they realize how foolish and immature they sound?

Imagine, they want us to get the fuck out of the fandom spaces that WE built. Who do they think is creating the gifs/fanfiction/spaces that they exist in?

IKR? Like, how some have tried to get AO3 shut down because they don't like some of the things people are writing. It's so ridiculous and infuriating. The younger fandom on Tumblr doesn't really understand the history of fandom and why their "everything must be pure and wholesome" mentality is toxic and dangerous. I've seen many posts going around attempting to educate people on the hardships fandom went through over the years, usually in response to certain ~discourses~ taking place, and idk if they'll take it seriously or just dismiss it like they do everything else, but I'm hoping that it reaches some of them.

I'm dying about you and Supernatural sis. What was the last episode you watched? Or, we should just live in AO3 comfort lmao.

Truthfully, I haven't watched an episode after the S6 finale. When I said I stopped for good, I meant it. I've only ever seen gifs for everything else after that.