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VMars: "Ahoy Mateys!" Episode Review

The Mystery Case: Bus Crash Victim And The Closet Full Of Secrets

I quite liked this case Veronica took up, for it wasn't something she had to hide investigating from her father (while those cases are often very intriguing and more sinister in relation to the bus crash and the connection between the 'whodunit'-factor and Veronica, the father-daughter PI teamup is always nice). The parents of Marcos, one of the bus crash victims, goes to Keith to investigate who has been harassing them with haunting memories of their deceased son (i.e. having an MP3 Player play a record of Marcos' voice over their car radio, switching his pictures around in the frames, etc.) Keith asks Veronica to investigate his role at Neptune High, been soon realizes that Marcos wasn't a talkative student, nor did anyone else at the school take notice to him at all and thus never really knew him. As Veronica continues seeking out an answer, Keith investigates the house (as the parents claim that the school district is purposefully playing these pranks on them to prevent their law settlement and suing over the school).

Veronica and Mac teaming up was definitely a delight, and it was the longest screentime Mac has had this season so far, (last season she was center stage for the episode "Silence of the Lamb" where the discovery that she was switched at birth). And the Ahoy Mateys! radio show would SO be something Mac would like listening to -- and I liked how Mac pointed out Veronica's converstaion-flaw, yet wasn't overly disappointed with her as Wallace had been. But perhaps Mac just understands her motives a little better. The Q/Bond-ness gig between them was cute -- and arriving at Clemmon's house late night was another priceless moment (their reactions! :D), and his son Vincent (a.k.a. "Butters") being the now crappy broadcaster of Ahoy Mateys! since Marcos quit before meeting his unexpected death in the bus crash.

The whole misleading with the "gay!Marcos or non-gay!Marcos?" was interesting. The case wasn't necessarily resolved into a happy ending, but the boy that had a crush on Marcos had that bittersweet cuteness in his revenge plans on pranking the parents of Marcos. He was the perp of the harassment, but you kind of feel sorry for him. Marcos wasn't gay, but his parents believed it with the "OH NOES, BOY/BOY BACKRUB!" between them was caught redhanded, and with the Marcos' unexpected and tragic death the sort-of-boyfriend got heated with anger with the parents' narrowmindness of making him attend the True Directions-esque camp and making him attend regular school activities (i.e. the bus field trip that led to his death). Sad and morbid, but bittersweet as well.

The Relationships: Rut-Roh! Troubles And Confusion In Paradise

Duncan's dream with Good Girl (Meg) and Bad Girl (Veronica) was definitely odd but very, um, interesting. The distortedness with Duncan struggling between two girls in his life that he really cares about, and which one appeals to his subconscious more. Meg's innocence and purity, or Veronica's fierce and independence? I love the Duncan/Veronica relationship because they were the high school sweethearts to be -- before Mommie Sneerest Celeste Kane planted the belief that Duncan and Veronica were really half-siblings, and that screwed things over quickly, especially with Lilly's death. I think they're incredibly sweet with each other. But this leads to a very confusing question....

Does Duncan like the innocent!Veronica as seen in the earlier Golden Days when Lilly was alive before she became antisocial and shielding herself off from things, or is he more attracted to Veronica's strength and ability to overcome the many obstacles that's unexpectedly thrown into her life? Personally, I think he loves both characteristics in her; he cares for Meg, and surely they had something special, but Duncan and Veronica have a lot more chemistry with each other and have been through so much in connection with Lilly and so forth.

But I also like Logan/Veronica, too. It seems strange, both I like their strong connection and chemistry with Veronica -- and I love both Duncan and Logan, so there's definitely love all around. The Logan/Veronica-ness in this episode shows how much they still rely on each other (the physical fight with the Fitzpatricks and Logan coming to her aid, Veronica helping Logan again when he's in a rut).

Couldn't there just be a Duncan/Veronica/Logan sandwich, excluding the "awkward"ness of it all?

The Crime: Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

The Fighting Fitzpatricks. How freaking scary are these guys, eh? The physical confrontation with them and Veronica was extremely hard to watch, considering that Veronica hadn't been this scared since Aaron Echolls locked her in the fridge and attempted to burn her alive. These dudes mean business. And, who in the freaking hell was that chick that revealed Veronica's identity to the Fitzpatricks?

The PCHers versus Logan. Holy Hell, was this entire thing torturous to witness, pardon the pun. Jason Dohring deserves an award for his performance because, dude, I actually was wincing each time the guy would pull the trigger...and nothing came out of it. This scare tactic was supposedly to petrify Logan to reveal his knowledge of that night on the bridge. Did Weevil really set it up, was this a test to see if Logan would tell the truth or if one of his "boys" was telling the truth to him? It's a real kicker, let me tell you.

The Pretty Shinys!

The dream sequence, as said before, was pure amazing! Veronica in that black mesh-top and spikey collar -- to illistrate the Badass Girl versus the Virginal Good Girl, being Meg in all white. Nice symbolism, and interesting peek into Duncan's mind.

Mac is back, yay! Veronica/Mac, because she IS the Q to her Bond.

Clemmons house! Veronica and Mac's reactions! Oh, the hilarity, especially with Veronica playing it all cool and Mac...attempting to play it all cool. Aww, Mac! Another reason why they should hang out together more --- Veronica can teach Mac the advanced Sleuth Prowess 101!

Butters! :D And, is it just me that I want Butters/Mac? I was actually considering the whole Beaver/Mac, but since Beaver/Veronica is more appropriate I find Butters somewhat Mac material. Am I crazy, or what?

"Why must you make the text-support people cry?" Hee!

Dude, UPN allowed Logan's "fisting of grapes" and Captain Crunk's "cock" innuendos slide threw their censor-radars?? AWESOME!

Oh, and Ahoy Mateys! a Neptune High-bashing radio show? Pure genius. Oh yes. Though, slightly scary if MY high school had this some years back. Yikes.

Clemmons having that expression that either Veronica or Mac had a crush on his son. Hee!

"Like girls!" response from Mac. Brilliant comeback! Did I mention that I love Mac? 'Cause I so do, very much!

Logan's "help me Mars-won Kenobi, you're my only hope." Double hee!!

No Jackie!! YAY!!

Overall: Definitely a liker, this episode. The tension between PCHers and the Fighting Fitzpatricks and who is betraying Weevil, Veronica helping out the side-mysteries of the bus crash victims, the case itself, Duncan's relationship between Veronica and Meg getting deeper with plots every episode (question is, what was in that letter he finally decided to open?), and everything else in between. Still missing my Wallace, not missing Jackie at all, missing Cassidy and his woobieness, Dick and Gia can go Ga-Ga over each other elsewhere (though Gia is somewhat oddly entertaining), and I'm still wondering about Alicia's presence in all of this. But oh well, lovely episode nonetheless.

Is this also a November Sweeps episode for VMars? The two-conclusions and you, the viewer, must go online and vote on which ending is the better one? I didn't tape the preview though I did watch it, and I'm slightly confused. Is this supposed to be voting test -- seeing if we want one character (which I'm presuming is Meg) to live or die? Confused, intrigued but very confused.

But, Logan and Weevil confrontation! Can't these two kids kiss and makeup already? Or is Veronica gonna hafta cut a bitch? ;D
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