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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 2

Day Two: Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.


Sarah Z: I really enjoy Sarah's content, she only has a handful of videos so far but is quickly gaining popularity. Most of her videos are basically critiquing shows and things in media. She's very articulate, does her research, and while she can be opinionated and express her own thoughts on certain issues, she presents her arguments constructively in hopes for the discussion to continue on instead of simply stating her opinion as fact. I, personally, just really love her voice and the way she speaks, and her personality is very likable which adds to the enjoyment of watching her content. I think my favorite video of hers so far is "J.K. Rowling and Authorial Intent", followed closely by "What Is (And What Isn't) Queerbaiting?"

Jenny Nicholson: there is something so charming about Jenny Nicholson and the way she presents her sense of humor that it's hard to not get sucked into watching her videos, even if you have no idea of the thing she's talking about. She makes a lot of uninteresting things sound really interesting just from the way she discusses or rants about them. It's fascinating. I also love her speaking voice because the way she talks, her sarcasm and sardonic humor is something that is so appealing to me. If there is one video to kind of demonstrate what most of her channel is like, I would have to say "The Grim Dystopia of A Christmas Prince", which is essentially her own theorizing of the really bad Hallmark/Lifetime-esque movies on Netflix that I had no idea existed, but I subscribe to her theories because it makes the movies look more interesting and entertaining than they are. Overall, her channel is filled with a variety of things from reviews (both good and bad), critiquing and discussions, ranging from shows and movies to even amusement parks.

Lindsay Ellis: I feel like most people know who Lindsay Ellis is, she's been around for a while so she's no stranger when it comes to media criticisms, video essays, and reviewing things. I don't always agree with the things she has to say, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate when I see certain issues and topics being discussed. One of my favorite videos of hers is, "That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast", where she not only rants about the movie as a whole, she also talks about the metatextuality of the recent string of live-action remakes of Disney animated movies and why it's completely unnecessary.


Daisy Johnson – In The End by XMadMystery
Character / Fandom: Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD
Personal Commentary: One of the things I love about this fanvid in particular is how it tells a story, from the placement of the clips and editing, it's telling the narrative of Daisy's emotional journey throughout the entire series, a heavy emphasis on the fifth season and everything that came to that point. I love the coloring of the video, the editing where the beginning shows her inner struggle while the latter half of the video entirely focuses on action and fighting sequences, all perfectly timed to the music, it just all comes together so beautifully. I especially love the song choice, the "In The End" cover rendition is gorgeous. The video does feature spoilers from S1-S5, nothing too specific but just as a precaution nonetheless.

Se7en Devils – Sidney Chambers by rhosvideos
Character / Fandom: Sidney Chambers, Grantchester
Personal Commentary: There aren't a lot of Grantchester fanvids out there, so finding this one was not only a good find it was also one that really stood out to me. The music choice is perfect for Sidney, since as a character he is very tormented and dark, despite wanting to do good and wanting to help people he is also haunted by his own past, realizing that he cannot save everyone even if he desperately wants to. The video is brief, but effective with the scenes chosen. It does have spoilers since the video specifically focuses on the second season arc.

Amy Dunne – The Devil Within by panama
Character / Fandom: Amy Dunne, Gone Girl
Personal Commentary: Gone Girl is one of those movies where I feel like there should be more fanvids out there than there are, but nevertheless, I just love this video for many reasons. It focuses entirely on Amy Dunne, and the music choice is also very brilliant because the lyrics are a perfect fit for her ("you'll never know what hit you, won't see me closing in / I'm gonna make you suffer, this hell you put me in / I'm underneath your skin, the devil within") and it correlates with the scenes they edited together with her scheming and everything.

The Expanse Revival Fan Trailer by Ed. A - LitosHQ
Character / Fandom: Multi-Character, The Expanse
Personal Commentary: If there is any non-spoilery fanvid recommendations I can make for The Expanse, it would be this one. This fanmade trailer was created after the show was saved by Amazon and renewed for a fourth season as a means to celebrate its miraculously return, along with getting more people who didn't know about the show to start getting invested with it. As a fan of the series myself, I highly recommend people watch this. There are no spoilers for any of the plot, just the concept of the show in itself. It is very well done and features a fanmade remix of the main theme of the show, making it extra special to watch and get hyped up for the upcoming forth season, which will be premiering sometime this year on Amazon Prime. Overall, this fan trailer was incredibly well done, amazingly edited and something I can recommend to people.
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