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Marvel's Runaways

My review/thoughts on Marvel's Runaways, both seasons one and two.

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Marvel's Runaways is a Hulu series based off of the Marvel comics of the same name. It centers around a group of teenagers who, after discovering that their parents are murderers, they decide to run away together. Each of them have their own powers and abilities (Karolina is half-human/half-alien, Nico has a magic staff, Gert is psychically linked with a genetically engineered dinosaur, Molly has super strength, Chase has powerful gauntlets, and Alex is a hacker), and they learn to use and perfect these abilities in hopes to defeat their parents and the bigger plots that start to unravel.

I discovered the show late last year, and have watched both the first season and the second season that premiered in December. While I haven't read the comics, I do know the basics and a few spoilers from just researching some things online.

The first season was good, if a bit slow-going. It was essentially just to establish who the characters are, both the teenagers and their parents and their respective storylines, their relationships with each other and introducing their powers. It wasn't until the end of the season finale when they finally end up being on the run. The second season, however, picked up momentum pretty quickly and I will say that while I really liked the first season, the second season was much better in terms of the action, character conflicts and even personal issues some of them had with their situation and what they were personally going through. What I really like about the show is that, even though it seems like it might be your typical CW-esque series featuring teenagers, it's really not. It can be a bit cheesy at times, but overall it's a pretty solid show and, like I mentioned, the second season was definitely an improvement from the first season.

My overall favorite character in the series is Nico Minoru, without a doubt. I immediately knew I was going to love her even before watching based off of what I previously saw of her thanks to the fandom. Plus, her goth/witchcraft aesthetic speaks to me, as does her entire personality.

Her character arc is so interesting to me, especially in the second season. I am intrigued by the concept of her darkness being her power. I know that the Staff of One draws its magic energy from the dark dimension and that it manipulates its users, we've seen it affect Nico in the second season which created a lot of personal struggle with her questioning herself, particularly with whether or not she deserves to have the Staff in the first place, but I'm so fascinated by what Karolina said to her about her darkness being the source of her power (aside from it being a contrast, both metaphorically and literally, of Nico's darkness to Karolina's light). Usually the concept of darkness is often depicted as something negative in fiction, but perhaps this is meant to be something more of a positive thing. We all have darkness in us, and maybe what Karolina meant was that while Nico has a lot of darkness within her (sadness, depression, anger, particularly with what happened to her sister) that instead of allowing it to consume her in a negative way she can learn to harness that darkness and turn it into something positive. At this point in time Nico is very confused about what's happening with her and the Staff, but if she learns to control it instead of allowing it to control her, that would be her harnessing that darkness within and using it in a good way.

I'm just really curious to see where they go with her character. Same goes with everything else featured in the show because, while I haven't read the comics, I know based on the things I've read that the show has been trying to keep certain elements of the comics featured in the series itself. It is, after all, an adaptation so not everything will be included or play out exactly how it is in the comics themselves. Nico and Alex are essentially the leaders of the Runaways, respectively, but I know spoilers about what happens with Alex's character in the comics which the show has kind of alluded to but I don't know whether they'll be going in that direction or not.

I know that some weren't exactly that invested with the parents storyline in the first season, since I read that there were mixed reactions of how it focused a little more on them than on the kids, which is understandable when you want to watch a show about runaway kids instead of their morally gray, murderous, manipulative parents. But one cannot exist without the other, the revelation of their parents being murderers is what creates this tension and conflict and it's what drives them together. The second season is a bit more balanced between the two. And I have to say, I really enjoy watching the parents, they are entertaining the watch, and I love watching complicated, morally gray/villainous characters. Plus, I love that despite the heinous acts they've committed, they still genuinely love their children and just want to get them back. Sometimes no matter what the cost which is part of the problem, but it's just interesting to watch when we see some of them reunite a few times throughout the second season.

(Also, can I just say that Tina and Robert Minoru are super attractive, tyvm.)

Overall: Marvel's Runaways is a show that I didn't expect to really enjoy and love as much as I do, but then again it's a Marvel show so of course I would eventually end up watching and liking it. I'm just really deeply invested with the characters, both the teens and the parents; Nico is my goth witch queen, with Molly, Gert, and Old Lace being my second favorites. I'm just curious to see where this all leads to, since the second season ended on a cliffhanger.
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