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Noice, and the not-so-noice.

++ Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already been renewed for a seventh season, much to everyone's excitement and relief. NBC has really been treating the show well, better than FOX ever did during its five season run. I'm just really happy that we'll be getting another season of this amazing show. :D

++ Sadly though, it seems that One Day At A Time is in danger of being cancelled by Netflix, unless it starts getting more views. What sucks is that ODAAT has always been on the bubble of cancellation ever since the series first premiered, despite the positive reviews and everyone loving it. I know that Netflix is now becoming like network television in how it does things (i.e. cancelling shows on the a whim just because they can), but it's still astounding to me that this is even a thing. I get that viewership is important, but the way Netflix has been handling things in recent years in terms of how they quantify viewership and public opinion is rather dodgy. Either way, I'm really, really hoping that ODAAT gets renewed for a fourth season.

++ I'm also still waiting for the announcement of Marvel's Runaways being renewed for a third season by Hulu. Based on the things I've seen and read there's been positive vibes for the show getting another season, but nothing has officially been confirmed yet, and many fans, myself included, are sick of waiting around and wondering.
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