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Now I'm blind, I don't know why.

++ It's been recently revealed that Agents of SHIELD will end after its seventh season. It was a little surprising when I heard that the show had already been renewed for a seventh season when the sixth hasn't even aired yet, but considering how they are contractually bound to coincide with the events of the MCU it makes sense. While the S5 finale served as a good possible series finale, making things come full-circle and feeling overall complete which can be viewed as a nice bookend, I am interested to see how things get wrapped up in these final two seasons. Overall, I think having seven seasons is a good long run for the show, and believe me, the show has gotten better and better with each season so it makes me curious to see what they do next.

++ While I haven't watched, nor do I care, about the DC shows on the CW anymore (or the CW in general), hearing that Arrow will be ending after their eighth season honestly surprised me, because I would've thought the network would just milk the entirety of their DC lineup bone dry.

++ The trailer for Marvel's Cloak and Dagger second season has me absolutely hyped up, like you have no idea. I don't think I've talked about this show yet on my journal, but it was the biggest surprise for me last year. The first season was so good, such top quality in writing and storytelling. I'm really hoping that the second season follows suit.
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