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How do you want to do this?

Critical Role is getting an animated series based on their first campaign!

(The theme is sung by Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and Sam Riegel)

To give a bit of background on this, on March 4th they officially launched their Kickstarter to help fund what initially was supposed to have been an animated special about the Briarwood arc from the first campaign. The initial goal was for $750,000 which they hoped would reach within weeks time, but instead within hours the fandom ended up exceeding this goal threefold, after almost a day they hit over 3 million. As you'd expect, this kind of broke the cast in the best kind of way, because they didn't think it would've happened this quickly. At this point, Critical Role was already breaking records in Kickstarter history, and being reported on via many different articles and media outlets of this success. Since they had 44 days left in their Kickstarter, they continuously set up particular stretch goals to help make the project even better, and naturally the fanbase exceeded those as well. And just this last Thursday on April 4th, they passed their final stretch goal of 8.8 million that would fund a ten-episode series of The Legend of Vox Machina.

This is a passion project for them, this was something that they dreamed about doing for a while and didn't think it would be possible to go this far, but thanks to the dedication and love from the fandom, it became a reality. Not just an animated special, but an animated series.

As a fan of Critical Role and of this cast, I am so, so proud. Proud for them and proud of the community. This is the kind of good and positive fandom content I like seeing, none of that unnecessary drama that inevitably happens in fandom but when we come together to help with stuff like this. Knowing how expensive animation is and how much hard work it goes to even do a series, this is something that I know will be worthwhile of an investment and that they will do everything in their power to do it right, because it's just as much for them as it is for us. And I'm just so excited for this, for them, for the fans, for this whole project that has continually baffled and surprised everyone. It is successful not because of the money, but because of how beloved these people are for streaming their D&D sessions every week, giving us free content, and how we, the fan community, want to give back to them as much as they've given us over the last several years.

(And the crazy thing? At this time the Kickstarter still has 12 more days left and it has now reached over 9 million. They, of course, mentioned any additional money from here on out will go into production of the animation and anything else to make it a better experience.)

If you aren't familiar with Critical Role, or have been wanting to get into it but were intimidated with how many hours you'd have to watch of their game, would you be interested in watching the animated series once it finally comes out?
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