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To boldly go...

++ We're getting a sequel to Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider movie! This is all I wanted after watching it in theaters. I honestly didn't think it would get a sequel because, sadly, these kinds of kickass woman movies don't always get the opportunity to grow into franchises that male-led ones do, especially if it's a video game adaptation (the Resident Evil movies got incredibly lucky for having been released when they did, and that got six movies which were all awesome). So I'm really happy that this is actually happening! Hopefully this will turn into a franchise, at least a three-part one to coincide with the reboot games they're based on.

++ In space news, we finally have the first official image of a supermassive black hole! While the image itself is a bit blurry, this is still pretty damn impressive and awesome since this is the first photographic evidence we have regarding the existence of black holes. The fact that this black hole is 55 million light years away and is pretty much bigger than our solar system is just mesmerizing and absolutely terrifying. And hopefully, there will be developments to help get a higher resolution of this black hole in the near future. Thank you Dr. Katie Bouman and the rest of the scientists of the Event Horizon Telescope project for making the unseeable possible.

++ I'm not going to lie, everything I've been reading about what Disney+ streaming will feature just doesn't interest me in the slightest, particularly the series with MCU characters. I think it's basically my indifference towards the MCU in general, but there's also this bitterness and worry about what will happen to the other Marvel shows outside of the Disney+ streaming that aren't necessarily tied with the MCU. We know what happened with the Netflix Marvel shows because of this whole thing, so I'm incredibly wary about Disney having so much control over these things now, and how much of this control will try to force other Marvel-based shows, not to mention the situation with the 21st Century Fox merger, to conform to their vision of things. idk. I just want more shows like Agents of SHIELD and Jessica Jones and Runaways and Cloak & Dagger, doing their own thing while still tied to the universe somehow without any interference from a big corporation and companies fighting over ownership of properties.

++ Hearing about how the Hellboy reboot isn't doing so well at the box office doesn't come as much of a surprise, though reading the behind-the-scenes tension and controversy is such a trip, even if unfortunate since that doesn't sound like a pleasant work environment at all. Regardless though, this is what happens when studios/the industry decide to screw over Guillermo del Toro in order to make a soulless reboot or sequel without his involvement or creative vision.
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