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Mother Nature Loves Me

IT'S RAINING!! It'll probably be raining throughout the week, showers here and there. But, YAY! Rain!! And yes, this was an excuse to use all-caps because my gleeful moment right now is enjoying the glorious sound of the rain trickling down as I fall asleep. The wind is also a plus, too. But, YAY RAIN!!!

Also, The Daily Show was very high-larious this evening, as was The Colbert Report (because it's French, BITCH!) The crazy early-Christmas shoppers via the Friday morning sales segments were hysterical. And Adrian Brody as the guest! Whoo-hoo!

John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and rain-showers all in one evening. Whee! House tomorrow, and VMars following right after that! HA!

*dashes off to bed now*
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