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Television Meme, Part 1

There was a television meme someone had posted a little while ago which got circulated around but it didn't feature all the questions, so I found the original post with them. Though because it is incredibly long for a single entry I will be splitting up my answers into separate posts by taking several questions at a time.

If you could reboot one TV show, which one would it be?
At this point I'm feeling incredibly burnt out by reboots. I feel like there are probably some shows that could benefit from being rebooted in some way or another, but nowadays it feels like everything is a reboot or a revival of sorts and nobody is taking a chance to do something original. Of course, "reboot" just means remake nowadays and not a proper rebooting of an already existing universe, which if that were the case I can definitely think of plenty fictional universes that would be wonderful to reboot in forms of prequels or sequels and such to expand upon existing lore.

If you could have saved one TV show from cancellation, which one would it be?
There are honestly too many to only choose one, which is by far the most upsetting thing.

I'm still incredibly bitter about Caprica being cancelled. I have been disappointed and devastated by shows getting unjustly and prematurely axed throughout the years, always have and always will, but nothing stings more than the absolute disservice that Syfy did to that show (a common theme with them tbh). It only got one season that was incredibly mishandled by the network and an already built-in fanbase that wasn't sticking around because of their personal feelings towards the BSG finale. The show was truly building up to something wonderful and beautiful, the epilogue that we got at the end of the finale really showed us that there was something there worth telling but we weren't going to get it, which hurt even more after the fact. So if I were to have saved a show from cancellation, Caprica would've been it. And hell, considering that reviving shows is popular right now along with having more platform options for doing so, I would absolutely want to do that, bringing back everyone who worked on the show to continue the story that they wanted to tell.

Have you ever quit a show before it finished? Why?
Yep, quite a handful of shows, to be honest. It usually stems from being either uninterested or frustrated with the direction of the show. I've come to realize that I don't really have that sense of loyalty to something once it starts frustrating me. I've been burned far too many times by shows to do that to myself. I may revisit them later once it's all done so I'm prepared for the outcome, but otherwise I don't have the time or patience to continue watching something that doesn't hold my interest or enjoyment anymore, regardless of my love for characters.

Are there any shows you wish could just be cancelled already?
I would say Bull needs to be cancelled. After everything that happened to Eliza Dushku and how she had to legally fight back against the show for basically firing and bullying her and attempting to blacklist her, never mind the only other character I liked on the show basically having been killed off, the show just needs to end. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that it's still airing despite all of that, with no actual repercussions after the sexual harassment situation.
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