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Television Meme, Part 2

A continuation from my first post, which will be ongoing until I finish the meme.

What’s your comfort show?
I have a wide variety of comfort shows, and it usually depends on what kind of comfort I'm looking for on particular days. Sometimes I'm looking for something lighthearted, and I'll end up binging shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, Leverage or Gilmore Girls. Other times I'll go for shows that, while not necessarily lighthearted or fluffy, have a sense of familiarity that just makes me happy every time I revisit them, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, or Legend of the Seeker. It truly does depend on my mood and what I'm looking for at the moment, and it does change every so often since there are a lot of shows that fit this criteria. I tend to rewatch many of my shows though, because they give me comfort knowing what happens in them, and also it's a good way of procrastinating when you still need to catch-up on your current shows, lol.

Which shows do you think are underrated and need more love?
The Expanse. Now, I don't think it's underrated in terms of that it has a small audience, considering that after Syfy cancelled the show Amazon renewed it thanks to the dedicated fanbase that went above and beyond to help save it. So it definitely has a big enough audience for that to happen. I just don't think it's been talked about enough among online fandom circles, particularly by fans of science fiction. It is such a phenomenal show that deserves more love, especially now because, despite it being saved by Amazon, it is a streaming service not many have and it in order for it to continue telling its story we need more people to start paying attention to it.

Also, Agents of SHIELD. The show has had five seasons so far, with each season getting better and better and it continues on, with a solid cast and solid storylines and good plot progression, and yet the show doesn't really get enough love or appreciation despite all that. Although I know the show didn't start off as great initially, since some didn't like the first half of the first season which is understandable. It did start off slow and was more episodic, but once the HYDRA storyline got introduced the ball got rolling and it didn't stop, never losing momentum. Most of that, though, was due to being contractually bound to coincide with the MCU, despite the fact that the MCU barely acknowledges AOS (or any other Marvel show, for that matter), and I think some people had different ideas of what the show was going to be primarily about. But, in the end, it turned out to be for the better because it's perhaps a very solid show despite everything that went against it. Overall, even though it has done well for itself, soon heading into its sixth season with the seventh season confirmed to be their last, I think the show is massively underappreciated.

Speaking of Marvel, I find that the only Marvel shows that have gotten talked about a lot were the (unfortunately now former) Netflix programs. Everything else outside of that, from Agents of SHIELD to Runaways and Cloak & Dagger, don't get nearly the same kind of attention despite being just as good, at least in my opinion. Maybe it could be because some viewed the Netflix shows as being more "mature" to appeal to a wider adult audience, I don't know.

Have you ever been inspired to start a new show based on gifs or memes it has produced?
Not really based on memes per se, but definitely from gifs/photosets. In fact, that's sometimes how I come across shows that I wouldn't have known about before had it not been for seeing things that pop up on my Tumblr dash. Say what you will about Tumblr as a whole, but it can be a great platform to discover shows that you wouldn't have known otherwise, since it's a fast-paced visual space that is able to spread the love of something new and interesting at the current moment. It's how I ended up getting into things like Welcome to Night Vale, Carmilla, Critical Role, The Expanse, and plenty of other television shows and various forms of non-traditional media.

Do you prefer week-to-week content, or just binging all in one go?
I'm at that point where I mostly prefer binging at my leisure, because sometimes I just don't have the time or patience to wait a week for a new episode. This has also become a problem when a show has, like, several hiatuses and such during a season and oftentimes I'll forget when a show is airing. Not to mention that some shows can actually benefit from watching it all at once instead of waiting weekly (or more) for a new episode. And, I'll be completely honest, I don't really watch television live anymore. I used to, but with many options available to go at my own pace I don't need to have the stresses of trying to watch everything weekly. It almost seems like a lifetime ago when that was the norm, when in reality it wasn't even that long ago. It's so wild.

What’s one show you thought you’d hate but turned out to really enjoy?
I tend to not watch shows that I think I'll hate, because that's pointless. There are shows I can be neutral or indifferent towards initially before seeing how my feelings are after some episodes, but I don't genuinely go into a show thinking I'll hate it.

What’s one show you thought you’d love but turned out to really hate?
I think "hate" is a bit of a strong word here, I would say ranging between disinterest to dislike. This doesn't always happen mind you, but it's not uncommon that I'll go into something thinking that it might be part of my television collection only to back out because it just wasn't for me. Some shows are like that, and it's not to say that they're necessarily bad, it's just most of the time it's not the right fit due to me having different expectations from what it actually turned out to be. To clarify, I'm only talking about shows that I started watching but quit early on, not shows that I spent a good chunk of time with only to be disappointed by later, because I think that's different.

In recent memory, Reverie sounded like something I'd totally be into, the premise seemed interesting enough and I usually give shows a chance even if the likelihood of them surviving even a whole season was low. But I watched the first episode, and I wasn't impressed. I was actually surprised at how much I didn't like it since I knew that pilots usually aren't always the strongest and it can take a few episodes before you get the feel of the show, but somehow I didn't feel compelled to continue watching after that first episode. Despite its strong cast of amazing actors who I was really excited to see interact on screen (Sarah Shahi and Sendhil Ramamurthy? Like, hello?), the overall presentation just didn't really work for me.

Once Upon A Time turned out to be that, as well, where I really enjoyed the first season but after that it just went in a completely different direction from where I thought it was headed and I lost interest in it rather quickly. I think I quit very early on into the second season. Heroes was another show that was like that where it is the only show where I fell in and out of love so quickly because the first season is what drew me into the show, but the second season is where that love fell apart. There are a lot of reasons why that show didn't work out, though, but my personal feelings was that the show wasn't going in the direction that was promised and I continually felt frustrated. It was only two seasons before I stopped watching, but my love for that show was so intense at first that it felt longer than it actually was, which is why I'm including it because I think it's a good example of a show that I thought I'd love but it didn't turn out that way afterwards.
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