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06 May 2019 @ 01:12 pm
You've got the devil inside you, too.  
++ Gabriel Luna will be returning as Robbie Reyes in a Ghost Rider television series on Hulu! I was genuinely pleasantly surprised upon hearing this news, since it was something I wasn't even aware was in development. I would say out of all the guest appearances on Agents of SHIELD his was probably one of the most breakout performances during its fourth season, to the point that so many fans, myself included, wanted to see him return in some fashion. Apparently it's not a traditional spin-off, but the show will still be connected with AOS, since some feared it might not be based on the announcement. It will just be his own story separate from the arc that was completed on the other show. Which makes sense. Although it would be wonderful if Daisy could appear on his show, because I love those two together. Either way, I'm just very happy that we'll be getting more of him in this role. :D I wonder if there might be a possibility of there being a crossover with Runaways, as I would love to see him and Nico interact. I doubt it, but one can dream, right?

With this, though, it seems that Hulu is gearing up to become the next new home for Marvel shows. Since Disney+ is more for the MCU-specific characters, Hulu can become the home to other characters not directly connected with the MCU. So there might still be hope that Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage might be able to be revived there in two/three years time.

++ Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr. This will certainly go over well....

++ It seems that the third Fantastic Beasts movie has been delayed for a 2021 fall release, meaning that it'll be nearly three years before it comes out and, if my calculations are correct, this franchise won't finish until at least 2025. That is assuming if there are no more future delays or the fifth won't be split into two movies, since HP kind of started that trend in the first place.

Now, I don't care about this franchise aside from the first movie (and even then I only saw it for Colin Farrell anyway) and a few incredibly minor characters, and while I have plenty of opinions on it and JKR in general I'm not going to get into them at this moment in time. So personal feelings aside, I will say this: I've always believed that planning a five-movie franchise like this was rather presumptuous from the start, and they are already paying the consequences for that. Unlike with Harry Potter this isn't based on any book series, and even if there was some interest at first the more prolonged a franchise is less enthusiastic people become, no matter how popular the universe it comes from actually is. Even The Hunger Games hype kind of dwindled by the time Mockingjay, Part 2 came out, and we all know what happened with the decline of the Divergent movies. Franchise fatigue does exist, even for beloved universes. And while there is a difference between casual fans and dedicated fans, sometimes those dedicated fans can get worn out too.
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noybusiness: capricaboomerwarheroesnoybusiness on May 7th, 2019 02:47 am (UTC)
Since Disney+ is more for the MCU-specific characters, Hulu can become the home to other characters not directly connected with the MCU. So there might still be hope that Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage might be able to be revived there in two/three years time.

That would be a nice, simple solution. Now get on it, Hulu!

Edited at 2019-05-07 02:47 am (UTC)
Renée: Jessica Jones.rogueslayer452 on May 7th, 2019 10:30 am (UTC)
It certainly would. Many have been speculating that this might happen, and I really would love for it to become a reality.
noybusiness: capricaboomerwarheroesnoybusiness on May 7th, 2019 02:22 pm (UTC)
Guess I'll have to put tweeting at them on my to-do list.
Profiterole_profiterole_ on May 7th, 2019 11:58 am (UTC)
This certainly won't help with Fantastic Beasts' popularity...
Renéerogueslayer452 on May 7th, 2019 10:15 pm (UTC)
It really won't, especially after how disastrous the second movie was.

And really, I don't know how popular it actually is though. This is a franchise that not many asked for and, while it had potential to spark some interest initially it was instantly killed when the second movie came out. I mean, that movie underperformed significantly in comparison to the first one and the entire HP movie franchise as a whole, which is not good. Having a nearly three year wait isn't going to do it any favors, either, even if they manage to change and fix things. Could it actually make an honest attempt at a turnaround? Maybe, but I'm not holding my breath.
Profiterole: OT6 Peace_profiterole_ on May 8th, 2019 11:52 am (UTC)
I didn't know the 2nd movie had underperformed, but I'm not surprised.
Laura: Good Girls: Rioviolateraindrop on May 7th, 2019 01:40 pm (UTC)
Ghost Rider was such a great addition to AoS and, at the same time, it felt as if he needed more than just to be a recurring character. I was also rather surprised that this would happen.

I always said that Hulu would be a great new home for the Netflix show. I think there's still hope ;)

I didn't even know they were trying to sell Tumblr. Now the Pornhub thing makes sense. Well, too late. I'm sure my account is gone forever by now.

I missed the first Fantastic Beasts movie when it came out and never bothered watching it. The whole franchise seems like a real mess now. Apart from superhero movies, franchises never really seem to work out. Didn't Universal(?) also cancel their Monster Universe or whatever it was supposed to be called?
Renée: Agents of Shield. Skye.rogueslayer452 on May 8th, 2019 02:53 am (UTC)
I was really hoping that he'd become a regular on the show and not just recurring, I really wanted him to be part of the team somehow. But I think this is the next big thing, him getting a chance to continue his story on his own show. That's pretty damn awesome.

It's just so funny because Hulu and Netflix are direct competitors, are they not? But with Netflix's ridiculous contract about cancelling shows after two-three seasons and then waiting two-three years before the show could possibly/maybe find another home, I think Hulu should take the opportunity to kind of show Netflix up by taking in their cancelled shows, starting with the Marvel shows. Heh.

I don't know what's going to happen with Tumblr, but it's always been kinda fucked when the original creator initially sold the site to Yahoo anyway, so.

I think studios don't really know how to handle the proper planning of franchises, or the kind of work that goes into them. They just see dollar signs at the quickest way to get the fastest money. I mean, Marvel is the only franchise of recent years that has made a long-lasting impact, but it didn't start out that way. It took years to get to that point. Even Harry Potter when it first started out as a book series, I don't think it could have gotten as far as it did if it hadn't been for years building with the character and the books and then getting the movies to what we have now as such an influential part of pop culture. Franchise become that be accident, it is not a planned thing unless you know there is interest and that it'll be done well to appease the fanbase you're building from it.

And that's the issue with what the Fantastic Beasts movies are encountering. Because, I'd argue that perhaps there was a genuine idea with having a single movie centered around the character of Newt Scamander, like I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt here with that, but then the studios wanted a trilogy and then tacked on two more movies for a five-part franchise -- because it's JKR and HP fans will see it regardless because it's the wizarding world and they want to relive that again on the screen (aka seeing dollar signs). So now we have this mess of a franchise that makes no sense because it's trying to be something it wasn't, basically having an identity crisis which is very evident with the second movie. I feel like part of it is the studios fault but also JKR's fault as well because she is overseeing everything in this process, and it's just not working. It's just all greed and money, at this point, and people are very aware of it when they see it, no matter how much they like the universe it comes from.

(That is a long-winded reply, but I have many thoughts and opinions about this.)
Laura: Daredevil: avocadosviolateraindrop on May 8th, 2019 05:55 pm (UTC)
It's Netflix' own fault that everyone is rotting for Hulu to pick up their shows. Canceling shows after three seasons and basically throwing a tantrum when Disney announced Disney+. Then again Daredevil and Jessica Jones were at the three seasons limit anyway, but that's no reason to cancel Luke Cage over "creative differences."

Tumblr lost so much of its users and value over time.

Marvel planned the MCU very carefully while others (including DC) just wanted the same thing, conjured out of thin air. Harry Potter and LotR are few of the successful franchises. The Harry Potter movies had the support of an entire generation growing up on these books behind them. Percy Jackson (which I never read) failed and I'm not sure what to make of Artemis Fowl getting adapted after all these years.

I can see Fantastic Beast going down that same road as other book franchise (even though there are no books to back this up). The third movie still getting made and then it kind of petering out.
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on May 9th, 2019 12:30 am (UTC)
Netflix has been full of shit in recent years, and it definitely all began once they started cancelling their shows. The fact that even popular shows can get cancelled without warning is downright cruel, all because they have their "algorithm" or whatever. I mean, it'd be one thing if they told creators beforehand so they can be prepared or have a chance to wrap things up, but nope. All this tells creators and fans is that they don't matter, none of it matters, so why even bother? It's really sad and infuriating, tbh, and it's no wonder why people's opinions for the service has started to lower because of it. idk if it'll make a dent for them as a business, but it'll steadily lose popularity if they keep this shit up.

It's always interesting how some franchises fail, some of them it is just bad timing while others it's due to studios pushing and there being a lot of nonsense behind the scenes, but it's almost always because they don't understand that quality is better than quantity.

As much as I don't care for it at all, I'm actually curious to know what the outcome of the Fantastic Beasts movies will be. I don't know if they'll stop making them completely, but the interest will definitely dwindle as time goes on. This delay in between movies doesn't help, either. The fact that even a lot of HP fans are disinterested in it and how almost nobody is talking about this franchise like people still are with Harry Potter is really telling, to be honest.
author_by_night: LeslieBen by nuv0le_rapideauthor_by_night on June 21st, 2019 03:53 pm (UTC)
I think the original HP movies also came out during what I call The Great Nerdgasm. LOTR, POTC (although that one faced franchise fatigue, but I think more due to quality), the Star Wars prequels (which despite their later reputation were fairly popular), and a sprinkle of cult hits like Buffy and Battlestar Galatica. So on top of being adapted from an incredibly popular book series, everyone was up for more wise old guys and young heroes. (Especially considering not everyone who saw the movies had read Harry Potter. I know that annoys a lot of people, but I mean, that's the truth. I can't judge, I never finished the LOTR books but saw each of the movies.) One of the really fun things about being a Harry Potter fan back in 2003 was that you saw HP with the same people you'd just seen LOTR and Star Wars with, there were comparisons (albeit more in the fandom than mainstream), whereas now... it's basically just Marvel that's popular, and even that's a very specific genre not everyone is into. I feel like almost everyone was going to those 2003 movies, even if they weren't normally sci fi/fantasy people.

Just my two cents, of course. :)

(I also think that's why we don't really have big fandoms anymore, other than MCU. If I went to movies with the same people, then that's also
how it was online.)

Edited at 2019-06-21 03:55 pm (UTC)
Laura: Harry Potterviolateraindrop on June 21st, 2019 07:49 pm (UTC)
what I call The Great Nerdgasm
I like that :D

Of course, not everyone read the books, but I do think it's a big factor with HP. Personally, I know people (including myself) that started reading because of HP. But you're right, it does fit all of the other nerdy movie franchises happening at the time.

Now you really only have the MCU as THE big franchise, but it's not like others aren't trying. They just never take off.
It's really too bad for people who aren't into superheroes or are just tired of them. I have watched the first Fantastic Beasts by now and it had potential to be a great new HP/fantasy franchise, but that also didn't work out.