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Television Meme, Part 3

Which TV show has the best musical soundtrack, in your opinion?
Battlestar Galactica, absolutely, hands down. I mean, I could say anything that Bear McCreary composes for which he has done a lot of television scores over the years, but BSG was the first notable one that really deserves such praise. The music complements the show beautifully, and it's one of the television score soundtracks that I own all seasons for and have listened to on repeat. In fact, there's not a single day that I don't listen to at least one track from it, it's just that epic much like the show itself.

Honorable mentions: the Hannibal soundtrack by Brian Reitzell, which is both beautiful and unsettling to listen to hence makes it brilliant to complement the show's entire mood and aesthetic. And I have to give props to Kyle Nixon and Michael Stein for the Stranger Things score, because the synthwave sound, particularly for the first season, made it completely stand out and part of the essence of the 80s vibe and tone of the show.

Have you ever watched a show just for a specific actor? Did you enjoy it?
Oh, of course. I think most of us have gone down that hole of watching everything on your favorite actor's filmography, knowing and preparing yourself for the disasters that await. And while some shows can pleasantly surprise you, others really just leave you absolutely confused. When it comes to newer shows though, if a favorite actor is going to be in them and if it sounds like something I'd watch, I'll most likely give it a try. But if I'm not enjoying it I'll not continue on with it. With older shows though, it's no problem because I can just skip around if I'm not really feeling it just to see the parts of that particular actor. So, the enjoyment level varies, but it's interesting to see the evolution of where an actor came from to where they are now in their career.

What genre of TV show is your favourite?
I find that I'm more drawn to specific genre television, such as science fiction, fantasy and horror. While I will watch anything where the premise sounds interesting, has good casting and plot/story direction and can keep me engaged, I've noticed a pattern that I will most likely be attracted to something that falls into either of those categories. Though it's not really a surprise, scifi/fantasy/horror are my favorite genres overall in all forms of fiction.

Have you ever written fanfiction for a TV show?
Of course I have, for plenty of my fandoms. I've never posted any of it online though, since it's just for my own personal enjoyment, and also it's because I have a lot of ideas outlined and partially written but never actually finished.

Have you ever drawn fanart for a show?
Not really? I've doodled a bit, but I'm not much of an artist to actually create something like that. However I do admire the fanartists in fandom because I find them incredibly talented, just seeing their different styles and techniques. Fanart has always been something I like looking at.

Are there any shows on your “to watch” list right now?
There are several that have been on my "to watch" list for a while that I just haven't gotten to yet. I've always been meaning to check out Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23, From Dusk Till Dawn, Marco Polo, and Into The Badlands, just to name a few. Also, when it comes to older shows, due to recommendations via gifsets I've been curious about Relic Hunter.

Netflix, Hulu, or Prime originals?
This question seems hilariously awkward in hindsight considering that there are so many streaming services being put out there now because companies are greedy. In truth, I don't really have a particular preference. There are shows from all three that I have watched and loved. But I will say that Netflix's popularity has gone down immensely over the years for me due to how they handle things, a.k.a. cancelling shows, even critically acclaimed ones, without warning and giving flimsy excuses for it. I mean, sure they have quite a selection on their service which definitely beats out most of their competition, but their dismissive and almost condescending manner of how they've handled things in response to fan outcries of cancelled shows just makes them less favorable as a company, imho. This has become more evident lately with people becoming aware of their ridiculous new contract deals, with them cancelling shows after two or three seasons no matter what and without telling the creators this beforehand, leaving many of them, and the audience, blindsided by these decisions. It's not really a good business model to be conducting. So at the moment, I'd say Hulu and Amazon Prime are more likely the better streaming options for original shows since, for the moment, they're not doing that.
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