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House M.D.: "The Mistake" Episode Mini-Review

This is a miniature version of the longer and more thorough one I shall be writing later. Although with last week's episode, and before anyone says anything I realize I'm a little bit behind in that department. Hopefully after the new VMars episode I will be spending time on writing the full-out reviews/comments/squeeful moments. In the meantime, the mini-review squeefest will just have to do.

Stylish episode, very reminiscent of "Three Stories". I particularly liked how Chase was retelling the past events, obviously in detail with House not able to open his vicodin pill bottle, and the abrupt popping-out the bottle from the scene by Stacy. Hee! That was very fun.

The most fun part was in the beginning with House and Wilson playing "finger-volleyball-with-coins" via a netline created of paperclips, and House hitting Wilson in the face with the coin. Very cute.

"I'm gay. Oh, that's not what you meant. Though it does explain a lot. No girlfriend. Always with Wilson." HEEEE!!! This line is THE award-winning line of the night, because it's so true. So very, very true. ♥

"Chase loves me....and isn't Turkish." HEE!

The continuity of the Cameron/Chase sex-while-high evening via last episode. Lovely, quite lovely.

CUDDY BOOBS!!! Sorry, someone had to mention it! Besides wisdomeagle, of course. ;D

Chase's medical mistake taking the effect that he was recovering from the shock of his father's death -- which thanks to my loffly sister, she clued me into that without mentioning it directly. That was handled very nicely, and the conclusion was made final. Poor Puppy Chase. *hugs him*

Hee, House said "interweb" -- I got distracted of what he was actually saying, because I was like, DUDE! He knows of the interweb fannish goodness! Silly, I know but...*LOVES ON HOUSE*

Foreman gets to be House's supervisor! Oh man, now this is going to be entertaining. Y'all just know that this is going to be a showdown to remember. Now my question is: between House and Foreman, who can be the snarkiest and win at being "The Man" of the hospital?

HEE! LOVED this episode. Cannot wait for more! But I have to wait while it goes on hiatus? Poopie. Oh well. I have the House season one DVDs!! HA!

Listening to the RENT soundtrack! And I'm probably going to be seeing it this Friday or this weekend! Whoo-hoo!
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