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Television Meme, Part 4

If you could be a guest star on any show, which one would it be?
I would absolutely love to visit the set of The Expanse, and honestly I wouldn't care if I were just a minor character or simply an extra. I adore the show and it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to just be part of that process and to even be part of the story. I'm torn on whether I would want to be a Belter or a Martian.

Also, while this is more of a streaming webseries than traditional television, I would love to be part of Critical Role somehow, either as a guest playing a character in their current campaign or a one-shot. Since I'm new to playing D&D I think a one-shot would be more appropriate, since it wouldn't really screw up anything with their main game and it could just be for fun. And hey, it would be an interesting concept to kind of invite fans of the show to be part of it, like running little one-shots to get familiarized with the rules of the game and to have the privilege of being part of the world that Matt created -- even though, yes, he did write a campaign guide book so fans could do that at home themselves, but y'know, it's more fun to think about the possibly opportunity of experiencing it in that way. Hell, it doesn't even have to be D&D related since they have their own content as a company and do their own little segments, which could also be fun to be a part of as well. Just, anything involving Critical Role in whatever fashion, as a guest player or a guest in general for whatever they do. Yes, I've thought a lot about this.

Are you a fan of will-they-won’t-they plots?
It depends on how well-done the actual content is. Most shows, unfortunately, want to drag it out as long as possible which can become a chore to get through. This is especially true if they continue throwing obstacles between the two characters that doesn't allow them to further progress, and even more if they do end up together but more unnecessary obstacles are thrown in for the sake of drama. The "will-they-won't-they" only works if there is a genuine build-up and eventual payoff, and most of this comes with good pacing and writing which, sadly, doesn't always happen.

How do you feel about bottle episodes?
I love them. Whenever there is a bottle episode it usually allows time for the writing to focus on the characters, their interactions and relationships with one another, and to really give a deep look into them individually with whatever is happening at that point in the narrative. Not many shows, especially ones that are plot-heavy, really have time to delve into those character moments and by having a bottle episode it can be an excellent entry into character-driven storytelling. It also gives actors a chance to really get into the meaty part of their characters that otherwise wouldn't be the focal point in any other episode, and that is what I live for, to be honest.

Do you prefer proper opening credits, or a simple title card?
It really depends on the show. There are shows that having a proper opening credits adds to the enjoyment of said show, and sometimes you feel bummed if you missed it because it is an immersive experience (Battlestar Galactica is a unique example of this, where the opening credits would have a literal supercut of random scenes from the upcoming episode tacked on at the end). While other shows simply don't need an opening credit sequence, just have a simple title card or even a mini-sequence but not a full-length one.

Favourite TV show theme song?
I could seriously be here forever because there are a lot that I love and think are amazing. Though because I am absolutely obsessed with the show at the current moment, as most can tell, the theme for The Expanse is quite exceptional, which I consider it to be on par with Battlestar Galactica's main theme. It's just so beautiful, the gorgeous vocals (sung in Norwegian) attached with the imagery make for a wonderful opening. Even the shortened version of the theme they used for some of the episodes really gives me chills. Most of the score by Clinton Shorter is phenomenal, and the theme really gives an idea of how spectacular it is.

In other television news, it appears that Blindspot has been renewed for a fifth and final season. Now, I don't watch the show (though it's been on my radar, just haven't gotten around to it), and while it seems that they're giving it a proper sendoff I'm mostly just excited because that means Ashley Johnson will finally be free to rejoin Critical Role full-time! I know, it seems weird and kinda bad for celebrating, but she's basically been sporadically absent since they started streaming their game in 2015 due to filming. She Skyped in whenever she could, but it was never quite the same as when she's actually physically there at the table. So now, while she will have to go back soon, it will be for the last time and probably shorter due to the final season being shortened.
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