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Television Meme, Part 5

Which actor do you think deserves an Emmy for their work on TV?
Emmy Rossum for Shameless. I say this because, while I haven't watched the show in its entirety yet I have seen a handful of sporadic episodes and clips, and believe me when I say that the claims from fans that she absolutely deserves one is accurate since, not only did she give some of the most powerful emotional performances, she was also basically the entire backbone of that entire show. Combined that with how she fought to get equal pay and that she has left the show recently (her own decision, if I recall correctly), I think she deserves that level of recognition for holding the show up on her shoulders since the beginning. So, an Emmy for Emmy, please.

Aside from her though, I don't know, there are so many actors who I think deserves an Emmy. Or just any recognition for their hard work on television. Sadly, those kinds of awards only focus on what's popular or what creates the most noise, which isn't to knock the actors who do get nominated/win, but that's why so many amazing actors get snubbed during awards season.

Who would be your dream cameo on your favourite show?
Richard Armitage on The Expanse! I say this because, aside from The Expanse being one of my favorite shows lately, he's been involved with a lot of projects that have surprised me over the years, the main one being him playing Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal, which genuinely surprised me in the best possible way. Him in a Bryan Fuller show? That was beyond awesome (which is why I'm saddened that Bryan is no longer attached to American Gods because I would've loved to have seen Richard there, as well). But seeing him broadening his horizons with different kinds of roles and projects and genres, I think the one genre he hasn't done yet is science fiction. The Expanse has a lot of complex characters and a very rich kind of world-building that it's the kind of meaty project that he would most likely be into, considering his previous role choices and how dedicated he is with getting into the characters he portrays. Him having a cameo role, no matter if it's just for one episode or for a few episode arc, would be amazing, imho.

As for the role he'd play, I'm down for whatever, but in my mind I think him playing a Belter would be fascinating simply because I would love a.) to see the kind of tattoos his character would have, and b.) hearing him speak Belter Creole. For someone who has done a lot of audiobooks and has spoken Dwarvish in The Hobbit, I think it's fair to say that this man knows how to use his voice.

Do you tend to quote TV shows a lot? Have you ever started using a word/phrase because of a TV show?
I think this just naturally happens, especially for shows that I love and have rewatched dozens of times. Certain words or phrases tend to get stuck in my head and it just becomes part of my everyday vocabulary. I have adopted using Buffyspeak from BTVS since I began watching the show, and I constantly use 'frak' thanks to BSG (even though I still use 'fuck' a lot, it's just interchangeable in my mind). And I often quote shows because, well, let's face it some shows are just damn quotable that it's hard to not do so. Even if it's not with anyone else, I'll most likely just quote or say things by myself because that's just how I am.

What’s one show you could probably write a 2,000 word essay on, and what would be your topic?
Let's be real, two-thousand words is far too short in comparison to the kind of meta I tend to write.

But my mind immediately went to Heroes, and while I may have touched on this subject before in the past I think, in retrospect all these years later, I would write about what went wrong and what could have been done differently after the first season. I would lay out where I envisioned the direction of the show would go and how the story would have been concluded. Even though I stopped watching after the second season and never went back to it, I still think there was potential with the concept that unfortunately was never fully explored.

I would also write an essay about Battlestar Galactica, specifically about the series finale, why I loved it and examine the reasons why most of the fanbase didn't, and to also see if it could have gone a bit differently. In the same vein, I would also take a critical look back at the series as a whole and see how it holds up especially in today's current political climate and social issues. Same with Caprica and examining the show as it was, and what would have happened had the show continued on with the brief glimpse that we was in the finale epilogue.

And because it's very topical right now, I would write an essay about what went wrong with Game of Thrones and what an adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire could have been.

Basically, I have a lot of opinions on various shows that I could do elaborate essays on about specific things. I often get the inspiration to want to write something, like a piece of meta or essay, but aside from how much work it takes to properly articulate my points in those kinds of things I'm not sure people would be interested in reading them. Not that I wouldn't put something out there that I was passionate about anyway regardless if people read it or not, but it does take a lot of time and effort to formulate my thoughts that for it to go unnoticed is kind of, well, idk.

Do you use subtitles while watching TV if you can?
Oh, absolutely. And this ties into another question on this meme so I'll just put my answer to that here, I do watch a lot of foreign media and I do use subtitles for those, so that's the obvious answer for that. But I just think that subtitles are often underrated by most because it isn't just for foreign shows or for the hearing impaired. It can be useful in many ways. It's why I don't understand when some people get so huffy when they have to read subtitles.
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