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Sometimes you just need to take a breather.

There's been a lot of negativity lately, from things in the news to just various places online. So, in hopes to combat that for just a little bit, here are a couple of YouTube recommendations that are calming/soothing/interesting/non-serious that can probably help take some stress off.

Li Ziqi – I randomly stumbled upon her channel recently, and I've been addicted to it ever since. Li Ziqi is a young woman from China who makes videos usually surrounding preparing/cooking food and handiwork that all relates to traditional Chinese techniques. She primarily posts on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent to YouTube) where she is quite popular, and has since gained more popularity due to her videos being transferred/reuploaded onto her official YouTube channel for a wider audience. Watching her videos is not only relaxing, but it's also inspiring and educational as well. While everything is purposefully filmed stylistically, her videos are still a beautiful work of art, especially just seeing her doing all the stuff she does and knowing how much hard work it is to plan these videos out in advance. Based on what I've read from translations people have provided and such, she has lived a difficult but humble life, and continues to do so with these videos and providing for her grandmother and her rural hometown.

One of her videos that went viral, which was one that introduced me to her, was her making bamboo furniture, but her entire channel is fantastic and an absolute treasure.

Karolina Żebrowska – I also randomly discovered her because one of her videos popped up in the "recommended" section and it looked interesting (this was the video) and I really liked what I saw. She's basically someone who has an interest in vintage fashion, and does a lot of videos focusing on different eras, trying on clothing, giving details and trivia of a particular era, and so on. Funnily enough, I recognized her since one of her videos did go viral a few years back which was mostly a critique/criticism on those "100 years of" videos that companies ended up doing and giving her take on some of the real unseen women throughout history. I'm surprised she didn't gain more traction, but perhaps that's just because I like these kinds of videos and learning more about these kinds of things. Plus, I really like her sense of humor. She may be a smaller YouTuber, but she's definitely worth checking out nonetheless especially if you're interested in vintage clothing or just merely learning about different eras of fashion.

Music recommendation: Erutan – while she may not upload videos that frequently, she has quite a handful of music that I love listening to. Her voice is soothing and gorgeously angelic. Some of my favorite songs of hers are, "The Willow Maid", "Jabberwocky", and "Come Little Children".
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