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VMars: "My Mother, The Fiend" Reactions and Mini-Review

DUDE! That was just....DUDE!!


My mouth literally dropped at the end of this episode. Oh, and I didn't look at the "alternative ending" that is now up online to "vote on the better one" --- although I did read descriptions for the online ending. Okay, I'm suspicious with the Manning Parents as anyone, thanks to "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" revealing the secretive and sadistic cruel side of the 09er lifestyle with the V.C. Andrews twist and all, but the alternative ending seems a little, iffy and meh. While I agree it definitely places the drama and scandal into Veronica's life, it doesn't seem quite right. But that's just my opinion. I'm not voting because I feel this "two endings, pick which one to be used" bullshit is just, well, blah. I just don't understand that tactic. But again, that's just me. Stick with the original ending, Rob Thomas. It adds a lot more mystery than a scandal.

The Mini-Review

That opening scene with Veronica and Clemmons? Classic. Of course, Clemmons should know better than to mess with Veronica's sleuth prowess PI skills. However, he is very sneaky and sly in the very end. Did he intentionally put Veronica into that filing room, and what kind of paperwork is he doing? I'm having suspicious of my own and speculations that shall come later in another speculation post. Still, the tension between Miss Mars and Clemmons continues.

Mac and Cassidy? CUTE!! The way Mac got flustered when he was calling to her in the computer room, and her smile as she was showing him the webpages she created. And Cassidy! Oh, sweet adorable Cassidy had that twinkle in his eye. Mac/Cassidy = adorable cuteness, like whoa. EEEE!! :D

*sigh* Logan, Weevil, playtime of the sadistic physical pranks are over, kids. Just kiss and makeup already, and work together in figuring out on who really killed Felix. I'm betting it's one of Weevil's posse, one of the two that were talking in tha hallway. That or one of them knows something, or setting something up.

Welcome to Parenthood class, with electronic dolls? I'm actually considering doing a research on which district of schools of which state still do something like this? Does anyone know, or have done something similar? I've seen the projects with eggs (i.e. in BtVS "Bad Eggs", for instance) and then the over-sensitive eletronic-deviced baby dolls. Seriously. Has anyone ever done something like this or know someone that has? Still, loved the concept. Very appropriate for the entitled episode of the evening.

Speaking of the caring of baby dolls, I liked how Veronica just placed the doll face-down onto the counter and loffly Daddy Mars carefully placed the baby doll upright (meaning face-up, back to counter). Very fatherly, very caring, and so very the Daddy Mars that we all know and love. :)

Duncan is a good boy. Rejecting Kendall and her seductive ways. Resisting temptation, as a good boyfriend should (then again, he isn't looking for things to "fill the void of emptiness inside himself" like Logan is, who is still the woobie I adore, by the way). Who thinks that someone out there is willing to do a fanfiction with Logan/Kendall/Duncan, and the possibility with Trina joining in on the shagfest? Hmmm....possibilities, possibilities......

Speaking of Trina, wasn't that storyline a trip? OH! And vicious!Willow and bitchy!Cordelia come face-to-face once again, this time Willow!Trina delivers the best comebacks. HEE!! Much love for that interaction. Now, if only we had Joss enter in this scene.....*hums silently and grins evilly*


WAAAAAA! I miss my Wallace! COME BACK, WALLACE!! Veronica needs you!!

Yay, more Mac! We needs us more Mac in episodes. I'm predicting with more Cassidy, there'll be more of his enterprize, and more of his enterprize means more Mac helping out distrubuting the websites for his enterprize. More Mac and more Cassidy means more of them together working on this little project, and Mac secretly sending him illegal stuffs and perhaps a secret yet adorable romance together. What?! They're cute! C'mon, admit it. Y'all think they're cute too. **grins with glee and happiness**

Mommie Sneeriest makes an appearance, yay! I was wondering when the Royal Bitchiness was to return. Oh, and Duncan's protectiveness and immediate stopping of his mother from insulting Veronica? Lovely.

Veronica versus Celeste confrontation. Brilliant with the snarks. Though, you would've thought Mommie Sneeriest would've gotten over the little dating-a-Kane when Veronica solved the mystery of who really killed her daughter and the reality of the paternity issue. Still, glad to know the animosity still held up.

Lilly being mentioned! Wish there were flashbacks and appearances from her. I liked how ghost!Lilly saved Veronica's life from the bus crash. Guadian Angel Lilly should make a reappearance. I miss her.

THE RAT HAS RISEN.....from the freezer. Hmm. That scene reminds of the time my father left a severed pig's head in the freezer, though it was uncovered, and I made a gagging/frightened noise exclaiming to my father that if we place the pig's head on a stick we'd be the civilized version of Lord of the Flies. Only, disturbed and twisted civilized people. Oh well. I loved Veronica's reaction. She wasn't scared (or scarred, for that matter) just...concerned that probably her beloved father was turning into a freezing-rats-just-to-thaw-them-out-later type of freak.

Overall effect of this episode? Remarkably, incredibly, plot-enticing factor of WHOA and GLEE and OMGing. HEE!!!

If the alternative ending wins in the voting polls, then that doesn't make any kind of sense with the following preview. Granted, I hadn't watched it but read what it alternative ending included as I had mentioned before. If Meg's mother smothered her while in the coma, then the "someone in Veronica's life will die" is kind of redundant. And the conversation with her and Duncan at the lunch table seems rather, well, unneeded. Of course, I'm speculating that the baby isn't Duncan's. I think it's Chris Talley’s. But hey, that's just my theory.

Oh, and I liked that hat Veronica was wearing in the preview. Just saying.

God, I love this show. The complexity, the mystery, the character developments....*loves this show, like whoa*
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