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Revisit, rewatch.

++ I've come to realize that I've only ever liked the first season of Stranger Things. It was a fresh new show that had a nice mixture of 80s references and nostalgia, having that 80s horror/scifi mood and tone, the story was intriguing and I liked how all the pieces came together in the end. But after that, I don't know, the show kind of lost its charm imho, or that it bought into its own hype, or was overhyped by everyone else. idk, I'm not saying it's a bad show, I'm just saying that, for me, I enjoyed the first season more than the rest of it.

++ Apparently Gossip Girl is getting rebooted, in a way, by the original creators of the show. And that's...certainly a choice. I watched only, like, the first three seasons of that show and the first season is probably the only good season out of the entire thing. And how the series ended has always been remembered as the worst thing ever. So, I don't understand the need for this, outside of it contributing to the whole reboot/spin-off culture we live in now.

++ When it comes to shows that I have been revisiting, outside of Ocean Girl which was a nice trip down memory lane, I randomly decided to do a sporadic rewatch of Pretty Little Liars, just skipping around to watch certain episodes in certain seasons. I had briefly forgotten how enjoyable the show was in the beginning, before it got so convoluted and cluttered with ridiculous "twists" that didn't really matter in the end. I still maintain that the show should have been cut in half though, because there are so many subplots and storylines that were only there to be red-herrings and went absolutely nowhere, and were completely forgotten about by the next episode, not to mention all the retconning and continuity errors that occurred. It could have easily been a nice self-contained three-to-four season show without all the misdirection and failed promises to the audience. Also, upon rewatching, the dialogue could also be incredibly cringey, like attempting to be witty with one-liners but never quite landing correctly, obviously written by people who don't know how teenagers speak or communicate with each other. But underneath all that ridiculous mess, I have to admit it was entertaining for what it was and had potential of being a fascinating teen drama/mystery. Had, y'know, they actually had a plan from the start instead of making it up as they went along, which I think definitely hurt the show the longer it went on.

Speaking of, I haven't yet watched Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which is the spin-off from the show, despite my love for Mona and Alison. I'm kind of putting it off for now. Also, unpopular opinion, but I'm still bitter that Ravenswood was cancelled after only one season. I was never in the PLL fandom so I was shocked to discover that many hated it. I thought it was really good, and it had potential of just being its own thing instead of a direct spin-off, even though I liked Caleb's involvement and his story intertwining with everything. There was only one downside that I understood why some fans got mad at, which I wasn't happy with it either, but I felt like that could have been rectified rather quickly once things got figured out. But yeah, I'm disappointed that the show was just forgotten about and nothing was ever resolved. I was intrigued and curious about that story, about that town, the characters. It had a more supernatural/horror element that I liked, and I wanted more, dammit.
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