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A symbol that must continue no matter what.

++ First of all, The Expanse has already been renewed for a fifth season! I am so pleased with this news. I'm hoping this means that it's possible that the show will continue on long enough for them to conclude coinciding with the rest of the books. I'm also highly anticipating the fourth season when it premieres in December, and that it'll be fantastic, which I know it will.

++ Agents of SHIELD will be ending next season, which I suspected when Clark Gregg mentioned it some while ago about the possibility of it going to seventh and final season, it just wasn't entirely confirmed at that point. I had to admit though, I haven't been watching this current season. I kind of wait a little bit so I can binge-watch, but based on some of the things I read I'm kind of meh about it. I think the main consensus from most is that it's not a bad season, it just seems lackluster in comparison to the previous seasons, almost like an experimental season in a way. I think S5 had a more finality to it with the structure of how it was written, and that finale seemed more like a series finale with how it was done. I can't really make a judgment call since I haven't seen season six yet, but it does make me wary considering that the first five seasons were incredibly solid and unfortunately many good shows do take a dip sometime later, so we'll see.

Regardless, even though the show has had its ups and downs and decisions that I don't agree with in terms of the direction of some storylines throughout its run, it still has remained quite a solid show that kept getting better and better with each season (sans S6 that I haven't seen yet). I think it's still the most underrated Marvel show, since many people decided to bounce very early on into the first season without bothering to stick around or coming back once shit got real midway. Once it hit that mark in the middle of the first season, that changed the tone of the show forever. I just hope that the last season will be epic and satisfactory, similar to how I felt with the S5 finale.
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