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I just want to relive the memories...

++ First of all, there has been the announcement that there will be an official crossover between Marvel's Runaways and Marvel's Cloak & Dagger! Fans have been wanting since it happened in the comics, and there's been plenty of theorizing how this could go down, how the characters would interact with each other. Well, in their third seasons (I believe both shows?) we will finally find out. I'm honestly so excited, I love both Runaways and Cloak & Dagger so this is crossover going to be an absolute treat. I cannot wait.

++ Lately I've been feeling a certain amount of nostalgia for some old shows, particularly for ones that aren't available on DVD. Sometimes you can find them on places like YouTube, where kind souls or someone official has uploaded them to be accessible when there is no other place to. First was Taina, a Nickelodeon sitcom that only ran for two seasons before getting cancelled. It has a very early 00s feel with the music and the clothing. I recorded the episodes when they aired, but the most memorable one was the episode that referenced BTVS. The second was another Nickelodeon show, Caitlin's Way, where the main character was someone I immediately loved from the start, she's more or less how I kind of imagine Faith Lehane would've been before getting called as a Slayer. The show had three seasons, but only two seasons have been uploaded so far. Lastly, In A Heartbeat was a Canadian drama that aired on Disney Channel during the early 00s, it was about a group of teenagers who also worked as EMTs. It was an original concept that was great, however it only lasted one season. The show starred Shawn Ashmore and Christopher Ralph, who both were on Animorphs, another show I loved even if it didn't follow the books and that, while I believe it's available via streaming (and on YouTube), it isn't on DVD, as far as I know anyway.

Also, because they are making a brand new adaptation of The Baby-sitter's Club for Netflix, I really want them to release the 1990 show on DVD, even though that is available for streaming I still want to physically own a copy of it for myself.

This has been on my mind lately, because thinking about all these shows that I used to watch and loved, but most of them aren't available for streaming or for purchasing on DVD (and most likely never will), and it makes me sad because aside from the possible VHS tapes we used to record episodes from (out of order, scattered through multiple different tapes and probably not even all of the episodes either), it is near impossible to find them. I mean, I recorded a lot of shit back in the day and I still have a truckload of VHS tapes stored, and maybe one day I'll have the means of transferring those digitally/put them on my own DVDs for myself and preserve them, but until then I'll have to wait until someone uploads them on YouTube or elsewhere.
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