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A win for fandom!

Archive Of Our Own just won a Hugo Award!

The Hugo Awards happened tonight, and while it was a pleasant surprise when AO3 was announced to have been nominated in the first place, the fact that they actually won is such a huge achievement. Yes, there will be jokes about how everyone who has uploaded their fanfic there are Hugo Award winners and all of that, but really this is a massive compliment to the achievements of everyone who worked behind-the-scenes of AO3, from the founders and staff to the volunteers and those who made donations and everyone else in between, for all their hard work at making this site possible.

From back when the very idea of the site was first conceived in 2007 right here on LJ to now, I've witnessed firsthand the creation and evolution of AO3 over the years, and seeing how far it's come from its beginnings and getting to see this kind of public recognition that they rightfully deserve has been incredible. This win is also a big deal since this is a non-profit organization that was created by fans for fans, and has been a huge contributor to the overall fandom community. Along with its structure as a site, there really hasn't been anything else like it before. Congratulations, AO3/OTW, you earned it.

Here's the official post with the speech that was made, along with pictures of the award itself.
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