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In the Upside Down and turned Inside Out.

++ Apparently a trailer for the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries movie, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, is out. I think it's only available for Australia at the moment, though. But it is coming out in 2020 (finally!) and will have a theatrical release in Australia and a limited release in the US in selected theaters only. Either way, I'm excited. I loved the series, and I want to see what they have in store for the movie. I know there's a spin-off series, but idk if I'm going to watch it.

++ The trailer for Emilia Clarke's movie, Last Christmas, looks absolutely adorable. I love the casting immensely. Emilia is just so charming, and I know there's been ~theories surrounding the plot but idc it just looks cute, okay?

++ The other day I watched this video called, Stranger Things and the Danger of Nostalgia for Belligerent Romance which specifically talks about the horrible 180 shift that Stranger Things took in its third season revolving around the character of Jim Hopper, but as a whole it does discuss something I have been wary about since after the first season with the way the show has been marketed and made since. I really enjoyed the first season when it came out, but the show tends to really rely heavily on nostalgia for the 80s that it becomes kind of obvious how that is its only strategy for the show at this point. Sure, there can be great moments here and there, but it is overshadowed by them trying to hit all the nostalgia buttons and advertisement without any kind of development of the characters or their relationships. In the case of Hopper, a character I loved in the first season, they did him, along with his and Joyce's building relationship, so dirty by wanting to go to the toxic 80s romance trope which promptly ruined the development that had been naturally happening in previous seasons. Not even in a subversion or deconstruction kind of way, but just straight up wanting a callback to the 80s movies/television that featured the same tropes, because nostalgia. It's such a shame, really.

I think it goes without saying that sacrificing good storytelling and character development for the sake of nostalgia is a big problem, hence the main issue with reboot/remake/revival culture in media right now. I think Stranger Things started out strong at first, but lost its way once the popularity got too big rather quickly and they bought into their own hype. I am glad, however, that this has brought on a lot of discussion such as this video examining and dissecting why this is a problem and how it can be possibly be fixed.
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