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The lows and highs of being a fangirl...

++ With the announcement that Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has been cancelled after one season, I am feeling rather disappointed and kind of sad. I mean, part of me kind of knew that it was a possibility since I hadn't really heard much buzz surrounding the show outside of some dedicated fans, but another part of me was hopeful. I actually really enjoyed The Perfectionists and I thought that it could go interesting directions. Much like with Ravenswood, the other PLL spin-off that was cancelled after one season, it held much potential and I really liked the characters and their dynamic. But, also like Ravenswood, the show attempted to break up a beloved fan favorite couple from its predecessor which I think was the ultimate death knoll of the show. That part is entirely on Marlene King though, since she should have learned from past mistakes. But alas.

Needless to say, I am super bummed because I did get attached to the show. I knew I shouldn't have, but I did. This happens every single time, dammit. Regardless, I'm just hoping that it will get a DVD release. Ravenswood never did, which I never understood and am still bitter about.

++ Anyway, on an uplifting note, I watched Felicia Day's episode of Between The Sheets, a series made by the cast of Critical Role on their channel where they interview various people, and it was hilarious and incredibly wonderful. She is such a delight. I love Felicia, I have ever since seeing her in BTVS and I've been steadily following her career ever since. She's been kind of inspirational, in a way, when it comes to being a geek on the Internet and she's built herself a creative career from that which I've always admired. So watching her talk about her life and answering specific questions about her work and just random things for over an hour was so delightful. Plus, she is mainly responsible for the existence of Critical Role, since she had faith in the project when others didn't. So I really enjoyed hearing her talk about that as well. Just overall, a fantastic interview, like pretty much all the other interviews seen from that series.

++ And in more exciting news of the same line, Critical Role is partnering and collaborating with some brands for some official CR merchandising, and this includes Funko Pop! We will finally be getting Funko Pops of the characters, hopefully for both campaigns. This is honestly so cool, because the cast has received custom made Funkos of their characters sent to them by fans over the years, but now they can get them officially done and sold. As someone who collects Funkos of my favorite characters, you bet I'll be getting them as soon as they're available.
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