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Oh yeah, my returning shows are coming back...

++ I tried contacting Freeform via their feedback page on their website, mostly inquiring about the possibility of a DVD release for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, but aside from the automated email that was sent back near immediately after my sent in comments I haven't really heard anything. There's been also petitions to help get it renewed/picked up elsewhere, this one in particular has gotten a lot of signatures in comparison to some of the ones I've seen, but I don't know how effective it'll be. Needless to say it was be awesome for the show to be saved somehow, but in all honesty I just want an official DVD release. And the fact that that's not a guarantee anymore these days even for successful ongoing shows is quite unfair.

++ We have a teaser trailer for the third season of Marvel's Runaways, including a brief sneak peek into the Cloak & Dagger crossover. Without getting too much into it, because spoilers obviously, there is something in this teaser that has me super hyped because it is calling back to the comics regarding Nico and the Staff Of One, and seeing that imagery? Has me so hyped.

++ The official teaser trailer for The Expanse season four dropped at NYCC, and this is something I'm also incredibly hyped for. This teaser, just them showcasing the higher production quality of the new season now that it's on Amazon, which will no doubt complement the quality of storytelling that they've been having the entire time, and the use of the visuals and the music and the brilliance of using that JFK speech about space exploration throughout, showing the relevance it has with the story and us as human beings. I got chills. December is going to be one amazing month for my shows, and I cannot wait.

++ In other good news, Dear White People has been renewed for a fourth and final season. I have to say, I'm genuinely surprised it even lasted as long as it has, because good quality shows, especially shows that are diverse and inclusive, don't seem to really survive on Netflix thanks to their shitty business model. I'm happy that it has been given an opportunity to have a final season, unlike other shows where they were basically just flat-out cancelled without much warning.
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