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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BDM), Carnivàle, LOST

Good evening, everybody! Happy December and Happy Friday to all. First off, this officially begins the holiday shopping sprees, and I urge everyone out there that celebrates any certain holiday to be safe while shopping and/or traveling. Second thing concerning fandom, unfortunately the Sci-Fi Channel will not being showing Firefly this evening for it has a special movie presentation that will air all evening long. However, "The Train Job" will air next Friday. So, stay tuned!

-♠- Still Flyin': The Firefly Talk podcast has updated their podcast episode #7 which features the second part of their interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido, the author of the Serenity novelization, along with an article about the hazards of translating Firefly and their regular news. ALSO, a brand new podcast has been created, called Josscentricality, which is basically anything in relation to Joss Whedon's recent projects (BtVS, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Wonder Woman, Goner, Fray, etc.) Until The Signal and Firefly Talk, the folks running the Josscentricality podcast don't separate things in segments but rather have a notes on what segments their are to talk about, and it just features them handing off mics to each other talking about the topics of that episode of their show. It's recorded in Australia, however have worldwide news and information of anything Joss-centric. They're an amusing and fun bunch of folks, and I found myself laughing during their second podcast episode, which was their thorough review of the film, Serenity. So, keep an eye on that other podcast.

-♠- Can't Stop The Signal: MoviesOnline has an interview with Joss Whedon, where he discusses the aftermath of Serenity's success in the theaters and the what ifs for a possible sequel if the DVD sales sky rocket. I can't stress enough, people, buy the Serenity DVD! Buy not just some, but a handful of them to give to family and friends for this holiday season. Big Damn Greatest Present, ever!

-♠- Reaving A Reaver? That's Reaved Up!: Hilarious little theorizer about why aren't the Reavers Reaving each other. My favorite theory from the list is: "When you Reave a Reaver, you're not just Reaving that Reaver: You're Reaving every Reaver that that Reaver ever Reaved." Hee!

-♠- Jesus Christ...On A Bicycle: HBO's critically acclaimed cancelled series Carnivàle to return in comic books? As everyone agrees that it was a terrible mistake to cancel this show, however there were two discussions on whether or not they could wrapup all the loose ends by making a two-hour movie or a possible comic book series to continue to legacy of the story. The Powers-That-Be dismissed the decision for a made-for-televised movie (gathering that the storyline goes until 1945 and from its last season it was hardly out of the 1930s), but the comic book series is still a high possiblility. Carnivàle lasted two seasons before HBO took a horribly drastic move to cancel the series from such a wonderful storyline and devoted viewers. Luckily, I have season one marked and underlined on my Christmas Wishlist (because, you know, it costed around $100 at BestBuy). I'm hoping the comic books are a go (or maybe a mini-series, I don't know).

-♠- OMGWTFDUI!: I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of this news already, but in case anyone hasn't apparently two new LOST co-stars find themselves into DUI trouble. Michelle Rodriguez, who plays newcomer Ana-Lucia, and Cynthia Watros, who plays another newcomer character named Libby, were both caught and busted while driving under the influence. Granted, I haven't been keeping on on spoilers of this season because of VMars and all, but this is kind of ironic (considering that nobody likes the character of Ana-Lucia).

-♠- OMGZOMBIE!REAVERFREAKOUT, OH NOES!: Oh Snap! Reavers are so PWNED by Reaver Slayer, River Tam, yo! Just in case anyone hasn't experienced the highly high-larious Hand Puppet Movie Theatre featurette of Serenity. Hee!
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