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Review: Cloak & Dagger, Season 2

The second season of Cloak & Dagger went into some pretty dark places, and while the first season also had mature themes this season upped the ante with them dealing with things like domestic abuse and the trafficking of young girls. When Tandy herself gets taken and is essentially used in a way to get rid of all her hopes so she is basically hopeless and helpless after being captured, even when she tries to escape, that was really anxiety-inducing. But it's also a harsh truth in regards to how human trafficking is. It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, especially in places disguised as a safe space to help those who are troubled.

One thing I really like about this show is how they don't cut any corners, they really reveal the harsh realities of certain situations in our world. Last season focused on Tandy and her broken home life, and how she tried to get her father's named cleared, but upon doing that she learned the cold truth about who her father really was which, this season, brought up the suppressed memories of how abusive he was to her mother. This gets her angrier about everything she thought she knew, and this fuels her throughout the second season. Her mindset of "just leave" when in an abusive relationship is understandable, but this line of thinking is incredibly insensitive because there are a load of reasons why anyone, especially women, in abusive relationships can't just up and leave. And she sadly learns this the hard way when she, herself, is abducted. The scene where she tries to escape that motel, where she sees the open spaces, the bus stop with people, and she runs towards it but ends up getting caught and dragged back, was such a powerful kind of metaphor to how women trapped in impossible situations feel. There is an opening, but even if they want to, even if they try, something is pulling them back, which is their sense of hopelessness and helplessness of their situation.

When Andre managed to break her down inside her head to the point where she had no hope anymore, she lost her ability to bring out her daggers of light, which is her representation of hope. So even when Tandy, as headstrong as she is, tries to escape that hope isn't there anymore and she is basically trapped. It's not until her hope comes back, when the daggers manifest themselves once again, when she actually ends up fighting back. I also liked it that before all of that happened she somehow managed to get through to one girl to kind of help her break that cycle and take back her life a little bit.

That whole storyline was incredibly fucked up in terms of the content, but it was nicely done. The show manages to tackle tough subject matters.

Another thing I loved about this season was, obviously, the dynamic between Tandy and Tyrone. They're both growing stronger together as a duo, with the inevitable tension and angst moments of course because they're still figuring stuff out about their friendship and they are their own individuals doing their own thing with their powers and still needing to find ways to communicate that they need help to one another. But still, there were so many amazing moments between the two of them, and how they just complete each other. And I like how the show is doing this slow-burn with their characters, everything is pointing to them eventually getting together romantically at some point down the line, but they're taking their time with it and it's so good. I mean, last season we had to wait until the finale for them to hold hands and now holding hands is, like, their signature (I mean, "waffles or pancakes"? Come on, that is adorable!) My favorite episode that really kind of explores their relationship was the one inside of Tandy's head which shows the different AU versions of her and Tyrone's relationships, that no matter what the scenario in an alternate reality they will always find each other and have that special connection with one another. It was beautiful.

I really liked how they have improved their powers, as well. At the beginning of the season it was clear that they'd been practicing, but by the end of the season they have gotten a hold at least of understanding how they can work together with their powers instead of separately. They truly have become Cloak and Dagger.

Also, I want to talk about Brigid, specifically about her being split into two versions of herself after what happened in the season one finale. I thought that was a really cool concept, that one half was more sensible but less capable while the other half was more destructive, out for blood, having super strength, a.k.a. inhabiting the "Mayhem" aspect of the character from the comics. There is just something so interesting about this particular trope that I like because it demonstrates two sides of a personality of a character, certain aspects of them manifesting differently depending on what the plot is. In the end, the sensible side of Brigid understands that she needs the more destructive side to take control because she cannot do it herself, but they need to work together so things don't go off the rails. I also really liked how that Mayhem Brigid wasn't depicted as being "evil", she was just the more confident and more vengeance-bound version of Brigid herself, willing to do whatever it took to bring down bad people no matter what.

Overall: I really enjoyed this season. There were moments that made me feel a bit anxious and tense, but that was mostly due to the subject matter. But it was really effective in a way that made sense for the narrative and the plot, so it was done really well. The antagonist was interesting, I liked seeing the Dark Dimension and what happens there, I continue to adore Tandy and Tyrone's dynamic. That ending scene in the finale? My heart. So yeah, another solid season.

We still haven't heard whether there is going to be a third season. I know that Cloak & Dagger will be crossing over in the third season of Runaways, but as for another season of their own show nothing has been announced yet. I'm hoping it will, it's such a good solid series that deserves more seasons.
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