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Today I'm kinda feelin' like a ghost...

++ I apologize for being absent for a little while here, I've just been dealing with a combination of real life stuff along with having a kind of writers block in terms of what I want to write and post. I'm trying to get my mojo back.

++ I know I'm a little late in celebrating this, but there was an announcement trailer for The Last Of Us: Part 2 which gave us the official release date, February 21st of next year. So soon, yet so far away! I know based on this trailer and other things that many are speculating on the story and what's going to happen, and while I have my own theories I'm purposefully avoiding anything outside of these trailers.

++ There was an article posted recently about the attacks against Archive Of Our Own by morality crusaders every single time the site does their fundraiser. It does go more in-depth with the issue that has been rising in recent years of the dangerous rhetoric "purity culture" has been spreading throughout fandom and in outside fannish spaces. Aside from a few places, I haven't really seen much discussion about this particular topic and I think that it's a matter that is worth dissecting. On one hand, we can ignore it since most of it seems performative anyway, but I believe this whole thing is way more nuanced than we realize and we need to get down to why this has occurred and how we can educate people on fandom history and why censorship is not okay in any form.

++ I have been watching Talks Machina episodes that I never watched. Talks Machina is an online talk show created by those from Critical Role that basically just answers questions from fans about any episode that they previously had of their game. So there are spoilers, but they don't just talk about the most recent episode they happened, they oftentimes just shoot the shit, talk about whatever, serious and silly alike, go on tangents a lot of the time, and just having fun. It's great. I actually never saw the ones from the first campaign because they were only available on Twitch, so I didn't know that they were uploaded as unlisted onto YouTube, until someone basically compiled them all from the beginning to the most recent in the current running campaign. It also includes their After Dark segment that was an Alpha exclusive, until they cut ties with Geek & Sundry and Alpha essentially became defunct after that. So I'm thankfully that it's been saved.

This is also to say that I haven't really been caught up with Critical Role's second campaign for a while now, and probably won't be in the near future. So instead I'm just going back and reliving/rewatching the first campaign, especially episodes and segments I hadn't seen before.

++ Anyway, it's October and I've been consuming a lot of horror/Halloween-type media. Even though I watch horror anyway, it's basically tradition that every October I revisit many of my favorites and even get to watch some newer horror that I've been wanting to see.
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