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Roll the dice.

++ A belated Happy Halloween! Mine was rather chill. Also, I had completely forgotten about daylight savings so that fucked me up when it happened, heh.

++ The Legend of Vox Machina, the animated series based on the first campaign of Critical Role made possible by the incredible Kickstarter that surpassed all their expectations, has now partnered with Amazon Prime where it will be shown and it has now gotten second season. This is such a huge deal. Critical Role started off as this little show on Geek & Sundry to try and see if streaming their D&D game was going to be a thing people wanted to watch, and it steadily grew over the years, to the point where it grew way beyond the channel itself and now they've created their own company so they can have their own creative content. It has now become one of the most popular streaming D&D shows online, and with good reason. Which is how we got things like the massively successful Kickstarter which has jump started this whirlwind of a success for the CR cast and crew. I am so, so proud of them.

++ I recently discovered the YouTube channel DUST, which features short scifi films and content. I like looking at short films on YouTube, ideas and concpets that otherwise might not be seen in mainstream media but have the freedom to do so online. Horror and science fiction are the two genres that I really like seeing in this particular format.
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