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A dish best served cold.

++ Revenge is apparently getting a reboot. They claim that it'll be more of a sequel, but just by the description, nah, it's basically just a reboot. I'll be honest, yes, I adored the show when it first premiered but it did start drifting off in the later seasons. But the reason why the show popped off initially was its unique structure in the first season and of course the casting, particularly of Emily van Camp who was utter perfection as Emily Thorne. I honestly think that the backbone of the entire show was Emily, Nolan, and Victoria. In fact, the only sequel series I would ever want is for Emily and Nolan being the most epic duo wrecking havoc by scheming and plotting. So unless that's what's involved, I'm not at all interested.

++ Fresh Off The Boat will be ending after six seasons. Constance Wu must be thrilled by this news. Jokes aside though, while I only sporadically watched the show here and there I liked it, and six seasons is definitely a good enough run to end on. It is essentially the first long-running Asian-American sitcom series in American television history.

++ It seems that someone thought it was a good idea to reboot the Scream franchise without anyone from the originals attached. I'll be honest, I don't like this idea. I absolutely love the Scream franchise, I think all four movies were great in their own ways (and was actually hoping for the possibility of a Scream 5 before Wes passed away). I never got around to watching the television series that was made because I wasn't interested, but I know that Wes Craven was involved with it. But with Wes Craven gone and Kevin Williamson not involved with this project, it just seems rather pointless to resurrect something that probably has no intention of continuing the legacy that Wes Craven already built. I know, many original films or franchises often get remakes and reboots done all the time, this isn't the first nor will it be the last as we should just naturally assume now that anything popular will get the remake treatment no matter what, but that's what makes this even more frustrating. The genius of the series was its metatexual tone and subversion, its what made it unique in the first place. Without that, it'll just be another generic slasher flick with no spark or charm. Besides, like what was said in Scream 4, "don't fuck with the original".
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