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Earth to Mars.

It seems that the Veronica Mars revival has no current plans for continuing onto a fifth season. I'm not entirely surprised.

I haven't watched any of the additional stuff after the third season, to be honest, because I've had no interest to. The fan-funded movie seemed more like a reunion than anything plot-related, and the revived fourth season, from what I've heard, was quite divisive among the fans ranging from some enjoying it to others feeling underwhelmed and disappointed, not to mention the backlash over the ending. I've said it before and I'll say it again, over the years I've come to the realization that the first season was legitimately the only good season the show ever had because it was a well-structured plot and a self-contained story that had a good resolution. I adored the first season, still do and in fact it's the season I rewatch the most. The seasons that followed, however, felt like it was trying too hard to recapture what the first season achieved but to no avail, and it felt as if there was an important component missing which made the first season so special and why people loved and enjoyed it in the first place. Like, there was a certain shift with the writing after season one that just felt off to me, and it was never quite fixed.

Who knows if they decide to continue on with it in the near future, but I just know for me my interest with this franchise stopped a long time ago. Which honestly is sad to admit, but these things do happen even with things you used to love.
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