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Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save...

This is my attempt at writing out the things I would have hypothetically wanted out of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfecionists had it continued, since it's been on my mind since I finished the first season, since there is so much worth exploring. This does feature spoilers for the first season, and it is rather long.

What I Want And Wish For In The Hypothetical Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Second Season (And Beyond)

The second season would have focused on the psychological warfare that was promised, The Professor would take all of the main characters confessions, as demanded of them in the season finale, and throughout the second season make them confront these particular fears in unique ways. They expected this, but it would be far more taxing and complicated since they would have to confront aspects of themselves that they didn't want to face yet. The mystery surrounding The Professor would also have been a huge part of the second season, as they, mostly Mona and Alison, would be investigating on the true identity of this individual who killed Nolan and is playing with their lives, watching them as a chosen select group for their purpose.

Alison joining the psychology department of BHU was the first step into that. She did this to not only understand herself better, but also to know whoever is watching them to perhaps get several steps ahead of their game. This would, no doubt, lead to interesting developments along the way as it is hinted at this is precisely where The Professor wanted Alison all along, that she is a perfect candidate to whatever they are doing.

During this she will better understand her relationship with Emily, what worked and what didn't, and perhaps give her a chance to reconcile with her in hopes for another chance. This will be the ultimate thing since Alison, at her core, believes that she is too broken to be fixed, and even if The Professor puts her in a position to continue doubting herself, Alison has been through the wringer too many times to fall for more psychological torment that she'll finally start to realize that this will be a chance to break free from this cycle of blaming herself and thinking herself as too damaged for anyone to truly love her. This is an essential piece of Alison's continued character growth, and one that would only make sense from the fuckery that happened with the show breaking them apart when they had finally gotten together.

I would like to see the show to treat LGBT characters and storylines with care. We did see more LGBT representation here than previously which I do appreciate, however I would like it more if it didn't feature LGBT characters either being broken up (esp after just getting together in the previous series) or there being cheating scandals that will most likely be brought up more than once. Because that's shitty. Marlene King doesn't have a good track record with handling LGBT characters/storylines with care or sensitivity, so I would want to see better improvement on that.

We would see more of Alison and Mona teaming up and working together. This was a godsend in the first season, because it's something I've really wanted to see in the main series (as both Alison and Mona were left out a lot with the Liars despite everything they'd done for them) and we finally got that. I really want to see them grow into this newfound friendship.

Former characters from Pretty Little Liars making a cameo appearance. This was officially prompted as a possibility so this could very well be done. There were brief conversations in the first season about Senator Hastings so I can imagine having Mrs. Hastings or even Spencer making an appearance, or Hanna making a surprise visit to Mona. And even though she claimed that she didn't want to appear previously, I do want Shay Mitchell to reappear as Emily in some form, whether in person or through a Facetime with Alison.

When it comes to our new characters, as I mentioned they would undergo the psychological warfare game that The Professor has setup, and will be monitoring with Beacon Guard. With all their individual confessions of their fears, they will no doubt he confronting aspects of this as they try to uncover the truth of what is really, truly going on. These pressures will challenge them in ways that even they weren't prepared for when joining Beacon Heights University. And perhaps in some twisted way, these psychological games will be tools for them to understanding themselves similar to how Alison is using the psychology department at understanding herself (i.e. Ava with not wanting to be a lying crook like her father, Caitlin not wanting to be a failure, Dylan not wanting to leave because of a mistake he made out of fear). Ultimately, their individual fears are tied to their biggest fear of not failing, of losing the opportunities that they worked so hard on by getting into the university. Whatever the experiment The Professor is playing, it's trying to push them to their limits and get to their weaknesses. How they go about beating this will either make or break them, and they will no doubt have low points and thinking about quitting entirely, but they will stick together as the found little family they have with each other, and will find out the truth behind everything and beat The Professor at their own twisted game.

And therein lies the biggest mystery to solve down the road: who is The Professor? What is their ultimate endgame? Why have they hijacked Beacon Guard to spy and select a group of students for this experiment? Why was Nolan killed by finding out the truth, or wanting to go against the system The Professor has setup with this experiment? This is similar to unraveling of who "A" is, but hopefully not as convoluted. I do have my theories that The Professor might be multiple people instead of just one individual, but there is certainly one that is The Head Professor that leads the others, and our main group will go through the others before getting to them in the end. I also think that the Hotchiss family has something to do with it, whether they know what is going on or have connections to whoever The Professor is, which is probably why Nolan was killed and why someone was after/might still be after Taylor for figuring out the truth, or partial of that truth. And Taylor herself feels responsible because she created Beacon Guard that someone decided to twist and manipulate its whole purpose, whether her own mother or someone else entirely. That's just my own speculation, anyway. But either way, if there are any twists it would be mostly confided with the creation of Beacon Guard and whoever wanted to control it for their own personal gain, and why killing Nolan and attempting to kill Taylor for uncovering the truth was imperative for their own protection of this experiment.

I would also like The Perfectionists the be more of a limited series. For it last at least, like, three seasons which gives it time to have a completed beginning, middle, and end, without going around in circles not knowing where the story is going and what the end is going to be. I definitely would not want this to turn into another Pretty Little Liars where there are seven seasons worth of red-herrings and storylines that go nowhere with cliffhangers that may be unresolved, but instead a shortened, self-contained, completed story that gets to the point.

What's interesting is that recently there's been news that HBO Max might be looking to pickup the show due the massive amount of Tweets and the petition that has received a lot of signatures to help renew the show. I have no idea whether this will happen, but if this is true that they are considering it then that would be awesome. I want nothing more than just one more season to wrap things up or, like I mentioned, have it just be a limited series to complete the story proper without it going on for longer than it needs to be. No cliffhangers, nothing like that.
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